Jun 3, 2012

Sunday Snuggie Dressing. Thoughts.

Cabin fever got the better of me this morning and I just had to get dressed and get out of the house.  It wasn't that much of a stretch, really.  Thanks to my new up a size Witchery wardrobe, it was as good as wearing a Snuggie in public - but with a huge nod to high street fashion and Clever Accessorising.

Knit tunic - Witchery, long line ls top - Witchery, leggings - Supre, scarf - Missoni, bangles - House of Harlow 1960.

The morning that greeted my effort at getting dressed up wasn't that pleasant, really.

The concourse of my local shopping centre was eerily quiet for a weekend morning.  My cabin fever wasn't as contagious as I thought it would be.

There were no queues to speak of at Oliver Brown.

Which meant my weekly skim hot dark chocolate and I practically threw ourselves at each other.  There's nothing like those first greedy sips of hot chocolate when you've been walking around for a bit in the rain.

Aside from my wet weather dressing and hot chocolate adventures, today has been marked by a couple of food for thought moments.

Part of the festivities of today included each family of the church receiving one of these drillings from the foundation of the church from when the renovations began.

Our church celebrated its move to its new home today.  It was a moment that took years of planning, prayer and relentless effort from everyone in the congregation.  Our contributions ranged from financial support, physically breaking down walls (which I wasn't involved with), fund raising and volunteering administrative skills.  The new church is in the centre of the local community (across the road from the shopping centre) and it has already brought together and deeply touched so many people from different faiths and life situations.  It's humbling to think how much people can do for each other in the name of God and it's been my good fortune to have been part of this in a small way.

The other thing that made me have a bit of a think today was actually something I read.  You probably already know that Chrissie Swan is one of my favourite Sunday columnists of all time.  This week, Chrissie talked about her young son and how she came to realise that she had to do something to help him.  Chrissie wrote about the period of denial she went through as well as the fear of how her own life long struggles with body image and weight would impact her son if she put him on a diet.  She writes of how she went to see a dietician with her son and found out that the problem was not the kind of food he was eating but the amounts.  She concluded her article by reflecting on the fact that she had the resources and education about nutrition to be in a position to get professional help for her son before it was too late but how many other families may not be as fortunate.

Isn't it refreshing when celebrities use their own experiences as parents to bring uncomfortable topics into the public arena and in doing so, to increase awareness of them?  We know the statistics and implications of childhood obesity but it always seems to be someone else's problem.  I think Chrissie's column has helped the cause as much as any of the public health campaigns the Government has initiated because she speaks honestly about having to overcome her own denial before she could seek a solution.

Thank you Chrissie, for using your place in the media for a selfless purpose.  Thank you also for not harping on at every opportunity about whether or not you had a drug free birth experience or how wonderfully healthy your children are for not being given those toxic, evil vaccinations.  There are countless women around Australia who respect you for knowing who you are and for being able to speak intelligently about the issues that matter to you.


  1. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed that Witchery tunic, will look into it this week!


  2. I read Chrissie's article this morning, how brave and awesome is she! It's a tricky one that's for sure.

  3. Your outfit looks so warm and comfortable! :) Would have been so nice to enjoy a hot chcoolate after the rain!

  4. I love your outfit - it looks cute and so comfy! Hot chocolate is essential on days like today, I feel. I read Chrissie's article: I think it was brave and I also think it is great the she recognised the need to do something to help her son. Denial is never the answer when it comes to dealing with issues of health. 

  5. Hi girly :)
    Just want to wish you a nice week...

    Bye from a sunny Oslo


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