Jul 13, 2012

Driving Home. Thanks For the Happiness, Offspring.

Driving home in the warm glow of the afternoon sun on a Friday has got to be better than driving home in no sun at all.

As a trade off for getting in at the crack of dawn today, I managed to leave work early to take advantage of the gloriousness that is winter sun and clear skies leading into a weekend.

Bangles - House of Harlow 1960, top - Witchery.

Even my arm party got in on the act with a heavy presence of gold, sky blue and orange.

It was friendly roads all the way home.  Two men in Elmo and Woody from Toy Story costumes waved to an adoring stream of motorists from the median strip of the Hume.  Drivers remembered to wave their thanks when they changed lanes.  My golden oldies stations were pumping out my favourite disco tunes.

Even the council got in on the act with some festive 'bunting' around the uneven bits of the footpath.  I think this means they're planning to smooth things out in the near future.  I reckon it's going to be pram perfect by the time Baby SSG arrives this December.  Which will be convenient for my anticipated daily sushi and almond croissant runs with the little tacker in tow.  I know that's a delusional sentence.

In other exciting SSG Manor news, my  $15 scuffie slippers from Costco survived the washing machine.  Just like the care instructions said they would.  Even the fluffy bits came out just as soft as the day I bought them.

I was so happy to be reunited with my rejuvenated slippers that I went the extra mile with tonight's lamb cutlets.  I used this recipe for a marinade with rosemary from taste.com.au.

I substituted some A1 Steak Sauce for some of the Worcestershire sauce because I ran out of the latter and A1 tastes very similar to me.  There aren't that many recipes calling for A1 Steak Sauce actually, just meatloaf, according to Google.  So if I pull this off, there will now be two recipes using it.

It's two days after the event but some of us are still floating along on an Offspring season finale cloud of happiness.  Seriously, it's taken me 48 hours to calm down enough to be able to write about it.

Asher Keddie as Nina in the Offspring finale.
Image courtesy of http://www.smh.com.au/
Wasn't the final ep full of everything we all love about the Offspring?  Humour, quirkiness, hysterics and strong performances from an engaging cast.  Even Mr SSG managed to sit through the first 45 minutes.  I felt for him that he missed the final scenes between Patrick and Nina so thoughtfully recapped for him.  He didn't quite share my joy or understand the twitter and Facebook euphoria but I slept better knowing that he knew.  It's just been formally announced that two further seasons (spoiler in the link, BTW) have been commissioned so it looks like Offspring mania will be with us for quite a while yet.

I'm getting withdrawals already.  I might rematch the episode now while I wait for Mr SSG to come home and cook the cutlets.

Have a lovely weekend and talk to you soon!


  1. I must try that marinade recipe next time I have lamb cutlets.

    I'm not a huge fan of Australian tv series but am rather excited about The Shire and Puberty Blues. Those channel 10 promos really capture you in these days.

  2. Offspring is seriously the best Australian drama/dramedy on TV. LOVE it and every single member of that cast is just BRILLIANT. Great season and yay two more to look forward to. Bring on Puberty Blues same producers as Offspring/Paper Giants/Love My Way - can't wait.


  3. Cruising down open roads is one of life's little pleasures, isn't it? For a few minutes everything is right in the world and your life.

    Another reason to love Costco: it delivers both on quality and price. Not sure if Australia gets CNBC, but there was a documentary on the company. Infotainment at its best.

  4. Sounds like a great Friday afternoon! I really like your bangles too :)



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