Jul 10, 2012

A Footprint On the Yoga Mat. Upper Body Drama.

After living with someone for a few years, the pair of you usually develop some kind of give and take approach toward each other's weekday / getting it together to get to work routine.  One person will always be the one to throw off the doona way too early in the morning but redeem themselves by putting the kettle on.  They might also like to put ABC Classic FM on when you'd much rather flick through the Wall Street Journal and ESPN on your iPad in silence.  After a while, you just deal with it and eventually just accept whatever it is as part of the secret to a harmonious household.
Mr SSG was having one of those give more than take Monday mornings yesterday.  He woke up to find a mysterious bronze footprint on the yoga mat and circumstantial evidence that the same bronze footprints were all over the floorboards but were camoflagued due to the colour of the timber.  After having done the floors on Sunday after the footy. 

Sorry to disappoint you but the origins of the footprint are less than celestial.  I'm the owner of the guilty feet.  It was all due to my pesky Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick.  Remember how it cracked the other week and how I rescued it?  Well it spontaneously re-shattered over my feet.  I saved it again with a piece of tissue and elbow grease, but got a fair bit of beige shimmer on my feet in the process.  I actually knew I'd left a footprint or two on the floor before I left for work but thought it looked pretty cool so left the one on the yoga mat untouched (and to photograph later).

Mr SSG thought otherwise and cleaned it up before he left for work - the first time.  He ended up having to come home again because he got flagged down by our Australia Post delivery guy.  The self same Gen Y-er who does his parcel round really early in the morning because he knows that pounds to peanuts, someone's going to be home if he can hear the shower going, see the kitchen light on and hear a radio or television - thereby reducing the number of 'We missed you....' cards he has to leave.

We're still trying to figure out how he spotted Mr SSG considering that the parcels were all in my name.  Anyway, the pair of them had a brief chat about how business was going ('crazy') before Mr SSG was entrusted with my stuff and found himself returning home much earlier than expected only to have to do it all over again.  The things we do for domestic harmony.

The first parcel turned out to be my emergency order from Kiehl's Australia.  I ordered on Thursday, postage was free and my order arrived Monday.  I was down to my last drop of cucumber toner too.  The order couldn't have arrived at a better time.

Isn't the packaging gorgeous?

Not to mention the abundance of samples.  I received 2 sachet samples and 2 travel sized products with my order which is a whole lot more than what's going at the B&M counters at the moment.

Baby SSG was not overlooked in this week's mail drop.  The wonderful Ling at Pork Chop's Nest gifted the baby with these adorable wool knit socks.

To combat the winter greys, I've gone for colour in my work outfits this week.  Today, I extended myself by dabbling in a bit of upper body drama in addition to colour.

Scarf - Hermes, scarf ring - Mai Tai Collection, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium, cardi - Target, tank top (under) - Target Maternity.
Why wear just a scarf or a necklace to liven up a knit cardigan when you can wear both?  I left the house before I had too much time to dither and apply the Coco Chanel philosophy of removing one accessory before heading out for the day.

As far as bump watch goes, there's not much to see really.  Except bad posture.  Despite still clinging on to some semblance of regular yoga practice, I've taken to waddling at the moment.  I blame my changing centre of gravity.

Dress - Metalicus, necklaces - Red Phoenix Emporium, leggings - Target Maternity, wool knit (under) - Soon Maternity.

If I look down at my abdomen, things appear more advanced than they do in profile (especially after lunch or dinner).  More of a baby bump in progress than the KFC and refined carbs central puffiness action I've been rocking these last couple of months.  I'm just on 16 weeks now and apparently I will pop any day now as well as feel some quickening or early kicks.

That's it from me.  I've got an early night planned.  The 24 hour gym down the road opens tomorrow morning and Mr SSG has joined up.  It's my duty tomorrow morning to wake him up when I go for my walk so that he can go at the same time as I'm out and about.  The things we do.


  1. Love your red dress, and those boots for baby are so cute! DH and I travel to work together now, it's a lot nicer than me having to get up early and leave him enjoying the warm bed as I face the cold to get to work! haha!

  2. love the scarf and the outfit. The baby boots are so sweet too x

  3. So so excited to see Baby SSG Bump. You look beautiful x

  4. You're lucky to have someone so nice at home, of course goes without saying he's also lucky. The purple cardi is great on you

  5. Your mail guy is so nice! I've caught the Australia Post delivery men sneakily writing "we missed you" cards and putting it in everyone's mail boxes without even knocking on the door! Rather annoying when you go get the mail after being home the whole day to only have to make your way to the poast office AFTER 4:30PM.

  6. I had been buried in a hole called sickness and work. How did I miss this post?

    Love parcel delivery so much!

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhayyaayyayaaaa you look GORGEOUS!!!
    For me I literally just popped on day, it was so strange
    I've got to admit now that I've been feeling flutters and kicks for a few weeks I've been drinking cold glasses of water to make the baby move purely to put a smile on my face haahahahaaa

    Our postie is the best too, his name is Victor and he is so lovely. The other day I filled his mug with hot water, if I wasn't in my pj's I would have invited him in for a cuppa.


  8. I am also excited to see Baby SSG Bump. best yoga mat


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