Jul 22, 2012

Incidental Housework on A Whatever Comes Up Weekend.

And before you know it, this weekend has practically gone.

I've been having one of those decadent weekends which has been totally devoid of any concrete plans or commitments.  I just woke up on Saturday with nothing but a whole day of 'whatever comes up' ahead of me.  Then Sunday rolled around and it was more of the same.  Time just seem to fly faster the longer I sat on the sofa.

Ironically, the freedom made me quite productive.  I wasn't in my usual rush to get the housework done so that I could start 'really enjoying' the weekend.  Little things around the house that needed to be done made themselves known to me as I roamed from room to room and it wasn't actually as painful or time consuming to complete them as I thought it would be.  I've even scheduled my iQ to record 'Being Lara Bingle' and found a repeat showing of last week's episode to record as well.

My trusty rotation of work shoes got cleaned, polished and aired in the back room.

And I rummaged through my cake tin library to find the ones I need for my forthcoming baking projects.  It's taken me a few months to reconnect with my inner Domestic Goddess, but the feeling is strong and I have a couple of morning teas I need to bring baked goods to.  Interestingly enough, the key ingredient in both recipes are Oreos.  Lots of Oreos.  I will post about each as I bake them over the next fortnight, so watch this space for my take on baking with Oreos.

All that incidental housework left me in no fit state to cook dinner.  So it was Thai home delivery for us last night.

It was so beautifully presented it was almost like going out for dinner.  The vegetarian curry puffs were presented on a pandan leaf.

And the chicken satays also came with a squares of lightly toasted white bread which made rather good bit sized satay sandwiches.

During the course of my weekend cleaning, I rescued this vintage rice cooker from the top of the storage unit in the ironing room.  It was passed on to us by Mr SSG's parents.  It's at least 20 years old and its box has an airline checked baggage sticker on it.  Which means it's travelled  with the family from Malaysia to Perth and now on to Sydney.  The rice cooker is in immaculate condition and has an impressive capacity of 1.5 litres which will be perfect for tonight's repeat attempt at 'clay pot chicken rice in a rice cooker'.

And that's about all I've been up to this weekend.  Uneventful is the aim these days.  Hope you're having a lovely afternoon and here's to a good week ahead.


  1. Yum that chicken dish sounds delicious. Do you have a recipe?

  2. Here you go,


    SSG xxx

  3. Thanks! I'll be trying that out for sure.

  4. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend :) Interested to see your cooking with oreos posts!


  5. Dear Sydney Shop Girl, 
    your post reminded me that I have a few household chores to do too - on Tuesday I will have guests, and so I can do a bit in advance. The Sunday has bin what his name promised - sunny at last! - so I have at six o'clock in the evening the power to do it :-)  


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