Jul 6, 2012

Nearly Back To Work. Colour Me Happy.

Not that I'm trying to mess with your mind or anything but today feels like Sunday to me.  I know you're all probably welcoming today with open arms because the weekend starts tomorrow but it's my last day of leave.

So it's goodbye to a few things I've come to really enjoy this last week.

Fried egg and bacon roll with barbecue sauce and a coffee, Taste Baguette, Martin Place.

Having completely nutritionally unsound hot breakfasts with Mr SSG.  I didn't even order my fried egg and bacon roll on wholemeal!  It was hands down the best bacon and egg roll ever.  Plenty of egg and crispy bacon on a crunchy, fresh roll.

Eating in at one of the communal tables of the cafe and in doing so being the only person to use the stools provided and the table for its intended purpose.  Everyone else was in too much of a rush to get to work so they either leaned on the table or used it to read the paper or their iPad whilst waiting for their order.

Being seated long enough to finish every last bite of breakfast and every last sip of that large decaf, full fat mocha.  Incidentally, that coffee at Taste was one of the best I've had in the CBD in quite a while.

The kitchen area at Taste where breakfast rolls are made to order.  None of this bain marie business.

And outlasting the entire before work, breakfast rush in the process.

Taste Baguette on Urbanspoon

Hunting out exotic hot meals for lunch like nasi lemak, which I found in a little restaurant in the cluster of shops under Martin Place.  It's just a little less hectic there than other parts of the CBD, for some reason.  Perhaps it's the subterranean factor.

Fashion wise, it's going to be goodbye to weekday outfits based on loungy knits.

In the interests of continuity, I'm wearing Witchery, Maternal America, House of Harlow 1960 and Red Phoenix Emporium in both photos.

Before I forget, Willow and Lotus are launching their latest collection of fashion and accessories, 'All That Glitters' in Brisbane tonight!  It looks fabulous and I really wish I were there with them and Faux Fuchsia who will has collaborated with the girls on yet another necklace I just have to have.

The Fuchsia Jubilee Necklace, Red Phoenix Emporium.
Image courtesy of www.redphoenixemporium.com
Despite the fact that it's school holidays, the pool has been pretty quiet this week.   I've made it for a mid morning swim most days this week

Apres swim Veggie Chips as opposed to hot chips from the kiosk.

The only reason I knew it was school holidays was because the inflatable water slide had been set up in the lane next to mine.  I left manoeuvring through it to the youngsters and sat down for a snack after doing my laps instead.

I'm a big fan of that long hot shower at home after a swim.  Even more so when there's good hair product to be applied whilst I soak in the steamy water.  I'm all for fragrance in hair conditioner and the Moroccan Rose and passionfruit combination in this Herbal Essences range certainly does Colour Me Happy.  It's not a very heavy conditioner and rinses out well.  Never one to have not enough of a good thing, I got this 1.2L bottle at Costco for under $15.

Another not too spend product my hair is loving at the moment is the Pantene Clinicare treatment 'in the pale blue box' that's under $20 for 5 tubes. Each tube has plenty for 2 applications though they are marketed as a single use portion.  It gives Kerastase hair masks a run for their money in terms of performance and I use this treatment after each swim.  You're meant to use the treatment after conditioning which suits me fine becuase the combination of fragrances between the Herbal Essences conditioner and the Pantene is rather nice actually.  Fragrance combining your hair care, you read it here first.

Other than that, there's not much else to report about my week off. I've just my first cup of tea with guaranteed permeate free milk.  Dairy Farmers are cleverly value adding by not adding something to their milk.  Despite the price differentially, it was still selling faster than the Coles home brand skim.

Only one half of this photo contains things that are good for me.

And I've been eating strawberries like they're going out of fashion. Who knew that they grew so well in winter here in Australia?  Who also seems to know a great deal (15 pages of depth) about TomKat.  It makes for grim reading and the person I still feel most sorry for is Suri.

Sad celebrity gossip aside, I hope you have a fabulous weekend at work or at play.


  1. MotherhoodcareerfashionJuly 6, 2012 at 9:20 PM

    SSG, hope you enjoyed being a lady of leisure and got to relax lots. I've gotta get myself some stuff from Red Phoenix Emporium. I really like your yellow/turquoise necklace. The colour combo is lovely!

    Dairy Farmers has also become our milk brand of choice because it's got none of this permeate stuff in it. It's such a shame that milk just isn't plain milk anymore and that now we have to worry about what is being put into something that used to be a no brainer of a thing.

    Take care of yourself :-)

  2. missed you last night, love the outfit x

  3. Leanne Shea LangdownJuly 7, 2012 at 9:24 AM

    That sounds like a splendid week SSG! Love the loungey knits! And I too am a big fan of the egg and bacon roll (with BBQ sauce) on a fresh white roll. YUM@Fauxfuchsia !  Oh, and am also a huge fan of Clairol AND Panteine products. Enjoy your last couple of days
    . Love and hugs
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  4. Sounds like a great way to have spent your week! Love your casual comfortable outfits :) So jealous of that brekkie roll too!


  5. Oh your delicious food photos really do slay me! I could crawl over broken glass for that bacon and egg roll right now ;) I'm glad you enjoyed your time off. It was very well deserved. You are looking just as glam as ever too!


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