Jul 4, 2012

Spectacle Success. L'Oreal BB Showdown.

I've been a bit batty all day....
I've spent the better part of this afternoon eating a triple chocolate muffin and watching last night's episode of Being Lara Bingle.  Surprisingly, I've not been left with either the consequences of a killer sugar rush nor any unanswerable questions about how one would define a 'career'.  Then I had a very calm chat to Mr SSG over the phone to establish the ground rules for tonight's television viewing - Offspring first, Origin second.  Granted it was a very one sided conversation (it takes quite a bit of time to analyse the Nina / Patrick situation and the hypotheticals that 'the news' will introduce for them) but we're starting the evening on Channel Ten.  Guaranteed.

Thankfully, I managed to actually do things before I hit the couch for that afternoon of nothingness.

I finally got around to finding a new pair of specs.  I find getting my eyes tested and finding new frames right up there with buying new bathers for the pool.  Buying bathers for the beach isn't as traumatic.  They're all about fun and colour and besides, Victoria's Secret always provides in such a way that I don't actually have to try on anything in a fitting room.  But eye tests and the fitting room at the Speedo store?  Clumsy and unflattering  no matter how you approach them.  On the up side, I do have these Chanel frames coming my way in a few weeks.  Though I may stick to my old prescription when I have to go to the Speedo store for those maternity bathers that are my destiny but whom I have managed to avoid for quite a few weeks.

Buoyed by my success with the specs, I went in search of Kiehl's counter in Chatswood.   Which is, unfortunately, still a misnomer.  The store at The Chase still isn't open.  As an aside, neither is the Laduree in Westfield Sydney.  There is, at least, signage where Kiehl's will be but not for Laduree.  

I heard somewhere (on twitter) that Laduree is to be located next to the Mulberry story but after I looked closely at both sides, was unable to find any hint of the Laduree apple green and gold anywhere in the vicinity.  The point of all this tangentiality, is that while I might dawdle in shopping malls, I don't do it all mindlessly.   I sometimes return with useful information.  

That Kiehl's situation was actually quite problematic for me.  I'm down to the last drops of my economy sized containers of their green cucumber toner  and the Ultra Facial cream.  To open my travel sized jars would represent the end of the world (the one after that end of the world when the carbon tax got introduced at the weekend).  

Thankfully, I had an inspired moment over lunch.  If a whole pork chop smothered in tomato sauce on a bed of spaghetti eaten at a Chinese restaurant specialising in congee doesn't clear your mind, then I don't know what would!  I'd just order online from Kiehl's Australian website when I got home.

If I got home.  It was a massive serve of juicy, battered pork over spaghetti that was cooked al dente.  All for the princely sum of $9.50.  It was one of those comfort meals.  Spoonfuls of saucy spaghetti alternating with forkfuls of pork.  Seeing more and more of the bottom of the dish emerge as I ate.

I'm not ashamed to say I ate it all.  What I am a little embarrassed about is how poor my Cantonese is and how I was the only person to be ordering the dish.  My only defence is that it was featured in both the English and Chinese character menus.....

It's been too long since we've talked beauty on the blog.  As scintillating as it is (for me), there really is only so much to be said about maternity fashion and first time mother to be angst.  We've still got another 25 weeks of it and we wouldn't want it to wear too thin, too early.....

I've reached that point in my make up buying life where performance triumphs over prestige.  As much as I love the look of the interlocking CC and the glossy deep blue of Dior, it's only what's inside and how it works for me that's important.  Some of the most used items in my make up collection are products that cost roughly half of the beauty hall royalty but work really well for me.  My Revlon Lip Butters are my current go to lip colours because they last and wear well and have great colour pay off.  The L'Oreal pressed powder sets my face nicely and doesn't feel too heavy.

I recently got my hands on L'Oreal's new BB Cream which is aimed at an older market than its Nude Magique version.  The official suggestion from the L'Oreal stand's advertising was '40s' but whatever works at whatever age is how I like to see it.  The retail price in Australia is around $35 but Priceline recently had a $10 promotional discount on it.  From memory, Nude Magique is around $30?

From first impressions and reading the product blurb, the major differences between the two are:

  • Revitalift has SPF 15 whilst Nude Magique has SPF 12
  • Both come in two shades only
  • Revitalift is marketed specifically as having anti-ageing properties on account of it being composed also of the Revitalift moisturiser
  • Nude Magique is all about being able to mimic 'the texture and glow of perfect bare skin'
  • Revitalift is meant to address 'the 10 signs of ageing - which I will not repeat here because it's too depressing.

Left - Nude Magique in Medium Skin Tone, right - Revitalift in  Medium Tint.

Don't know if this photo illustrates the texture differences well enough but Nude Magique comes out of the tube as a pearlescent white, thin lotion.  Revitalift feels more like a moisturising cream when dispensed form the pump pack, it's relatively heavy and a little goes a long way.

Application wise, I wear both over my regular moisturiser (currently Kiehl's Ultra Facial cream with a drop of La Clinica rose hip oil mixed in).  The finish on Revitalift is heavier with more pronounced colour.  At first I thought medium (the darker shade) was too dark for me but I mad the mistake of applying it too heavily the first time I wore it.  With subsequent applications, I used much less and this provided just enough colour.  By contrast, Nude Magique is more about 'your skin but better' and the result is a less 'made up' looking face.  I felt I needed some powder over the top of Revitalift as I did get some sheen after applying it.

Both products wear well and neither have irritated my skin.  With the winter weather reaching its peak now, I think I'm going to be using the Revitalift version more than the Nude Magique.

The bottom line is that I like both products and for less than what I would have paid for a tube of prestige brand's TM, I now have two very good 'masstige' products.  I hope this review helps!

It's not what you think.  I'm not actually drinking this, it's an ingredient for dinner.  The young man at the bottle shop recommended it as something that's great for cooking but at the same time, 'the customers who've bought it to drink haven't come back to get a refund'.  Not bad for a $6 bottle of white!

I'd better get going.  I'm attempting a risotto in the pressure cooker tonight.  Another batty idea to end a day of battiness!


  1. I love getting new glasses! I figure I have to wear them all day every day, so I might as well find a pair I really love:) Those Chanel ones look fab.

  2. Your review was great, still not sure which one I'd rather use though...might wait until my current TM runs out anyway :-)

  3. I bought maternity togs from ASOS. Mostly because I didn't want to spend squillions on something that I will only wear for a short period of time. Highly rec that you look on there! xox

  4.  I was going to buy the Revlon lip butter before I left Perth, but never got around to it.  Here in Sephora in France whilst browsing their lip colour section I found one of those really naf 'colour reveal' lip balms.  Anyway, I had to give it a try because I'd heard of them and seen people use them but never tried it myself.  Oh my goodness.  I love it! And bought 5 more! It's supposed to reveal the 'perfect' colour for your lips based on pH, blah blah blah.  On me it's a lovely rosy pink colour, almost like I've been sucking on a Redskin or the red part of a Twinpole (blast from the past or what?!) yet on my friend it's the palest pink colour which works so well with her complexion.


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