Aug 8, 2012

A Half Birthday. The Day of the Phoenix.

Well, we're officially over the half way mark, Baby SSG and I.

Bump - 20 weeks, cardi - M Missoni, dress - Isabella Oliver Maternity, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium.

Here we are this evening after a big day out in this glorious late winter sun.  For reasons I cannot fully explain, I can never seem to get a shot in this mirror that truly reflects how much bigger the bump (and by extension, Baby SSG) has grown over the last few weeks.  I'm putting it down to the combined powers of optical illusion of my maternity clothes and wardrobe mirror.  

It's not that we didn't try to put on a more impressive bump show for you today.

The McCafe in Camperdown has become such a landmark, it features on the official hospital map showing you how to get to the birth centre.  Or perhaps it's for the benefit of ravenous birth centre patients...
I had morning tea at the local McCafe to celebrate a hectic start to the day.  Earl Grey tea and a large wedge of banana bread.  It's the comfort food of drained brain cells.

Then I sat back for a bit and congratulated myself on fishing out an archived hand bag for today's outing.  It's even better than splashing out for a new one because there's no dramas about trying to find storage space for new additions when a new addition with infinitely more important claims on spare space is going to be along in 4 months.

Mr SSG and I had lunch at Sky Phoenix to celebrate Baby SSG's half birthday.

We split our order between the yum cha and a la carte menus.  The service at Sky Phoenix for both the yum cha trolleys and menu service is fast, friendly and efficient.  Aside from the yum cha trolley ladies, the dining room is well staffed with attentive waiters who are on hand to answer any questions about the menu and to facilitate the all important clearing of the empty bamboo baskets in order that you may fill the gaps on your table with more good food.

Mr SSG did most of the yum cha eating today.  He was very impressed with the freshness of the seafood in the dumplings and the generous number of whole prawns in each har gow.

I was unable to resist the charms of the fried 'beggar's noodles' from the yum cha trolley.  They were perfectly cooked.  Super fresh, thin egg noodles were lightly fried with trimmed bean sprouts and chives.  The end result was a very moreish and light dish of noodles.

I'm normally not a huge fan of Chinese roast pork.  I find it's often too oily or the meat is too tough or the crackling's too crumbly.  Or perhaps I'm too picky....

Anyway.  Sky Phoenix does a mean roast pork.  The crackling is perfectly done and the pork itself is tender, seasoned 'just right' and there was no glistening film of grease on our serve.  You have to try it with the accompanying mustard sauce and salted peanuts.  Trust me, I ate several pieces with each, just to make sure I wasn't telling you .... pork pies.  Moving right along.

To my order.  Which was a bowl of short soup.  It arrived as a layer of seafood and chicken breast over some broccoli and wonton.  The broth was nourishing in the way only clear soup can be.  Again, it was expertly seasoned.  Not too salty or peppery.  It had a home made taste to it and didn't leave me gasping for water when I'd finished.

There's several good reasons why Sky Phoenix is the one restaurant in Westfield Sydney gets packed out at 11.53am on a weekday.  It's got a winning combination of great service, food and very pleasant decor.  However, it's more on the spendy side of things.  The bill for the two of us without wine or beer was $76.

Sky Phoenix on Urbanspoon

The day of the Phoenix continued when I got home from work.

My order from Red Phoenix Emporium was waiting for me.  Willow and Lotus believe in self gifting as well, which explains why my jewels were so beautifully wrapped.

Alchemist, Petite Four and Gold Digger necklaces from Red Phoenix Emporium.
I think Nicole Richie needs them all as well!  Finally, one of my favourite style icons makes the cover of Australian InStyle.

Baby SSG also received his own piece of Red Phoenix Style wrapped in this beautiful clutch for his mother.  Thank you so much, ladies!  Baby SSG will wear it with pride.


  1. Looking gorgeous! Congratulations on the halfway mark - you will be nursing your beautiful bub before you know it. x

  2. Congrats on reaching the half way point! You must be so excited :) Lunch looks yummy, and your newest purchases look amazing too :)

  3. Gorgeous & stylish best describes you and those beautiful necklaces! Wondering if beggar's noodles are the same as the economy (no frills) noodles that we get here

  4. Congrats on the half-way mark! Glad the stars aligned for a Phoenix-filled day and enjoy your RPE self-gifting, you deserve it times one million!! L&W xx

  5. That's Nicole Richie? Really?! Photoshopped beyond recognition...

  6. What an awesome day. Love your new Red Phoenix pieces.

  7. Congrats on half way, So exciting!! Yum Cha is awesome for post baby outings too- no need to wait for food and you can eat with one hand and in and out quickly as you need to!


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