Aug 2, 2012

Baby SSG Finally Gets Some Clothes From the Parentals. Pregnant In Heels.

Up until today, Baby SSG hasn't exactly been showered with earthly possessions from the parental units.

The first ever baby purchases of first time parents....
In fact, this was the sum total of everything in Baby SSG's name.  Mr SSG thought a yellow duckling would help make bath time more enjoyable but in order to get the duck from the chemist he had to buy something else so he thought a bottle of Cetaphil would also come in handy for bath time.  I wasn't quite so practical and bought a cloth book which I saw myself reading to Baby SSG in utero and then over coffee after our mother and baby yoga classes in the weeks after birth.

The reason for such restraint for the first half of Baby SSG's gestation was that Mr SSG and I had a deal.  That we I wouldn't start buying anything baby related until we knew Baby SSG's gender and also that all was well at the 19 week morphology scan.

Hello, world!  Baby SSG contemplates that pesky ultrasound probe whilst I celebrate his good health with a couple of Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups.

Well today was the day and the answer is yes, yes, yes to the starting of the shopping!  Baby SSG is in fact a boy and to his mother, he looks absolutely perfect on scan.  His heart, lungs, bones, brain and other organs are all in the right place and the doppler flows over each organ looked like they were going in the right direction and in the right colours.  My ultrasonographer was pretty sure that Baby SSG was a boy long before she got to the gender part of the scan.  Apparently the hyperactive 19 weekers are more often than not little boys.

Special mention at this point goes out to MaiStar and The Distressed Mother for their accurate prediction.

Never being one to knowingly go back on a deal (especially one that involves shopping), I wasted no time in hitting the shops after work tonight.

Coat - M Missoni, leggings - ASOS Maternity, long fitted top (under) - Witchery.

No one went without on this little shopping trip.  I found two belts at Witchery to go through the (redundant) loops on my maternity jeans and trousers.  Most of the 'staying up' in maternity bottoms seems to come from well engineered waist bands but wearing a belt as well gives me some sense of being work appropriate.  I'm sticking to my upsizing at Witchery theory that's served me so well this winter and managed to find both a black wide and a narrow belt that should see me through the rest of the working year which is only ... 3 and half months!!!!!

Oh yeah, I tried that whole Pregnant In Heels look today.  With boots and before it got too late in the piece.  I think it's a look best left to Rosie Pope and the high maintenance mothers to be of Manhattan.

I will reveal Baby SSG's new clothes later on in the post but first, let's talk about dinner.

It pains me to say this but I've rapidly lost endurance in the shopping department.  I was thinking of a hot dinner, even hotter shower and my pyjamas after browsing only 3 stores in under half an hour.  That's way, way down on my personal best.

My hot dinner was in the shape of a steaming bowl of beef brisket soup noodles.

With super fresh egg noodles and lots of perfectly spiced, melt in your mouth beef brisket and some fresh cut chillies on the side.

It was just what I needed to sustain me for the challenge of finding where I parked the car and how to get out of the car park and head for home.

It's been less than 12 hours since Baby SSG's scan and the amount of happiness and goodwill his healthiness has generated is truly humbling.  Our parents and siblings are ecstatic and my mum and dad are keen to get across from Perth as soon as they can.  Friends from all over the country and beyond have sent well wishes.

Fellow mothers of boys have imparted some serious and light hearted pearls of wisdom including:
- the importance of mastering a rapid nappy change as early as you can
- an offer of the name of a cleaner who's a genius with 'man caves'
- that while boys' clothes may not be as fun as girls', the toy shopping makes up for it
- how much fun, noise and adventure little boys tend to find for themselves.

It's going to be a Christmas like no other for the SSGs this year.  Baby SSG is expected on Boxing Day but something tells me it's not guaranteed he'll make an appearance on the appointed day.

My search for Baby SSG's clothes took me to Big W which has a pretty impressive collection of the Baby Bonds range.  Except you'd better get in quick for the smaller sizes because most of the Spring/Summer newborn sizes had already sold out.  Which goes to show that new season full price baby fashion seems to move out of the shops more quickly than the adult equivalents.

Needless to say, a pair of grey tracky pants (just like mum and dad's) had to be part of his wardrobe.

Ditto the baby vests for all that mum and bub yoga we'll be doing...

Then I had a bit of a dilemma about necklines.  This side button, kimono style one piece looks like it'd be (relatively) easy to dress a newborn in.

Or are boat necks a safer bet?  I had a quick glance inside the prams and arms on either side of me and saw quite a few babies wearing this style of top and their mothers didn't look particularly traumatised from trying to dress them.  So I went with a matching T-shirt and leggings set as well.

Okay, I think that's about 2 days' worth of clothing so far?  I've read somewhere that you need 6 of everything.  My next stop is Baby GAP!  But perhaps I'll leave that until tomorrow evening.

Take care everyone and thanks again for your well wishes today.

God bless!


  1. I'm glad everything went well, and congratulations on your little boy! Must seem even more real now you know the sex and can start shopping! :) Love the pieces you have picked up for him.

  2. My D lives in Baby Bonds. Am very sad it only goes up to size 2. The pieces you have chosen are all lovely, in fact D wore the onsie when he was a little newborn too (though in navy blue).

    Congrats on your lovely news! I am looking forward to seeing what else you get for him.  I am realising how much money I saved by going the traditional route and waiting to find out the sex of my kids until they were born. x

  3. That's great news - a lovely, healthy little boy! I love all the clothes you bought for him, I don't think you can go wrong with Baby Bonds.

  4. My biggest piece of advice would be to stay strong on the shopping front and try not to buy too much.. You'll be amazed how quickly he will outgrow everything.  I've had to clear out so many baby and toddler items that mine have outgrown and it's really disheartening when so many of the items didn't get worn at all... Go minimal for now - you can always buy more later - especially when you work out what style works best for you and baby (eg onesies or shirt / pants sets)..

  5. This is all wonderful news, I am so happy for the SSG family! I am also so glad you have learnt and revealed the gender, guessing what to buy little unknown people is so hard!! Can't wait to see what else Master SSG gets in his wardrobe! Love L&W xx

  6. BB SSG is already in trend with stripes! Congrats again *hugs*

  7. Woohoo! I had a feeling you were having a boy.

    From my perspective, pre-baby I thought the komino type suits looked cute, and surely, how hard can they be to put on a baby? I was so very wrong. The komino suits were ditched in a week. Investigate zip suits. Or suits with no snaps. Snaps are evil, especially to a tired parent. And I was never a fan of traditional singlet vests - prefering the all in one type suits tht do up with snaps in the crotch.

  8. Oh I love Each Peach Pear Plum, lovely book.  So excited for you and Mr SSG.  I'm sure Baby SSG will be one stylish lad.

  9. Congratulations SSG!!! So happy for you both :-)

  10. Still so happy for you and MrSSG. Master SSG will be one good looking and stylish lad!
    My Bubba loves his Each Peach Pear Plum book. We read it all the time, and he likes it when I read it with 'silly voices' *lol*


  11. Wonderful news. I hope you relish every moment of joy in the next 20 weeks of growing and waiting to meet your precious little boy. I remember this time from my first pregnancy - it was such a happy time and I had so much fun getting ready for his arrival. Enjoy :) Suzx

  12. Congrats! A healthy one is the best news ever.
    Love the last outfit, but I don't know how you managed to stave off the shopping - our Bunny has had a ridiculously massive 'neutral' wardrobe in direct inverse proportion to the reduction of new clothes entering my own wardrobe!
    And Each Peach Pear Plum is the most awesome book, equalled by Peepo - Baby SSG will be a well-read kid :)

  13. Oh my! Many congratulations on a healthy baby boy! So very pleased for you :) I'll bet you're going to have such great fun dressing him up  -the options for boys clothes are quite cute and funky, and not as boring as they used to be, I think. Go nuts! Have a great weekend :)

  14. Oh yah! I guessed correctly, all the best for the few months such good news on your water dragon boy. :)

  15. Congratulations,  boys are so lovely and they do love their mothers (I have one of each). Love the baby Bonds gear very cute . Also lots of great reasonably priced baby clothes at Cotton On Kids -their newborn stuff is really cute. India 

  16. Kimono styles are very easy for dressing. G still gets distressed when we try and pull things over her head. Temporarily distressed but cranky all the same. Baby Bonds is awesome but do note - they size small. Georgie is already in size 1 wondersuits. Admittedly she's not small but still...

    Marquise make the best singlets though. So soft and they don't shrink or stretch. Their onesies are fabulous too.

    Congratulations once again. You are going to be a brilliant mum!

    K xx

  17. Oh how lovely you are having a little boy - am so excited for you and happy that all is well and that you and baby SSG are healthy. Love your purchases and Mr SSG's little rubber duck for your bub. No wonder all your family are so ecstatic. Have a great weekend. x

  18. Congrats on a healthy Baby Boy SSG!!

    My tips for dressing bubbas (after all of 4 months of experience) - choose socks with elastic around the top. This helps (but does not prevent) them from falling off. Singlet onesies are a good alternative to singlets as they don't ride up, and those boat-neck style tops you bought are great because you can take them off by pulling them down over their body (instead of over their head). This is useful if clothing is covered in wee, poo, spew or all of the above.

    I second Cotton On Kids for boys - they do a great 2 for $20 sale. Best and Less is good too. Oh and Coles and Woolies stock cheap Bonds basics too.

    PS. I was the winner of your kitchen drawer divider thingees giveaway a few months back. They are also fantastic for sectioning off drawers for baby clothes (who knew!). Teeny tiny clothes are impossible to fold, so I've divided the drawers into three with one section for onesies, one for separates and one for singlets, socks, hats etc. Thanks again for the prize!!

  19. It is so great to read this post! Happy to know that all is going well.
    Baby clothes get me everytime. I bought my cousin a cute little ballerina dress from H&M here in France. I couldn't resist. Mini sized clothing is just so alluring.

  20. Eek! So happy for you lovely- boys are the best. I loved the kimono style on Carter, it was so cute! Congrats again gorgeous! xx


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