Aug 28, 2012

It Feels Like the End Of the Week, Even If It Technically Isn't.

There's nothing like having a can of ice cold soft drink nestled next to the hand break to make you feel as if you're in the middle of a summer holiday road trip.  Even if you are on a rather industrial main road, on your way home from work after working through the weekend and the week before it  Is it just me or were there really no violins playing as I typed out that last sentence?

They probably weren't playing for my pity party because they know about this empty suitcase in the spare bedroom.  And how I'm going to be packing it (lightly) this weekend for my whirlwind trip to Stockholm next week.  Where has this year gone?  When I booked it all, September seemed so far away.  Anyway, I'm determined to only fill one half of this suitcase because I'm sure I'm going to go nuts in over Swedish designed toys and baby gear whilst I'm away.  Shopping will be my default cardio seeing as I'm no longer up to the usual hotel gym sessions I commit to on holidays.

I chose to pose weirdly dressed in tops by Metalicus, trousers by Next Maternity, below bump belt by Witchery and necklace by Red Phoenix Emporium.

Isn't it refreshing not having to wear overcoats to work these days?  It's enabled me to let my necklines go wild, in the manner of Lee Lin Chin - one of my ageless style icons.
I love that Lee Lin is never one to shy away from a bit of architectural interest in her choice of news reading jackets, not to mention her impressive array of co-ordinating spectacles.  Actually, I'd have to call me effort Lee Lin lite because my top is soft, machine washable and bereft of buttons, zips or complicated ties.

I'm going to kick back tonight and get into that end of the week mode a few days ahead of my desk calendar.  And nothing says the weekend is nearly here than a bit of home yoga practice, a good magazine and a quick, one pot dinner.

The latest AWW arrived in the post today and it features my very favourite Duchess on the cover.  Food wise, I've got Mi Goreng and beef balls as well as some greens to balance things out in the nutrition department.

Speaking of magazines, I've got some feedback on the Becca Eye Tint that came with the September issue of Madison Australia.  I got the Vicuna shade which is a bronzed brown.  I'm liking it a lot.  It wasn't as greasy as I thought it would be and actually has great colour pay off.  It blends easily and evenly and lasts all day.  The bronzed shade works well for every day.

Well, I'm off to enjoy the nearly Friday I've decided to make tonight.  Take care and have fun whatever you're up to tonight.


  1. Gosh I laughed at the violin and architectural neckline comments. Enjoy your fridayish Tuesday :) and enjoy Stockholm!!

  2. Hope you have a fantabulous time in Stockholm!

  3. Oh I wish it really was Friday! Such a long week and it's only been 2 days! Love your yellow necklace with that jumper, looks great! :)

  4. You're such a stylish mum in waiting xx

  5. Stockholm! Wow, you lucky lady. Have a safe trip.

  6. Lisa @ Blith MomentsAugust 29, 2012 at 1:33 PM

    Be prepared for the prices in Sweden SSG! They are similar to Denmark and it turns out I could have bought my Danish watch here for less than I paid in Denmark. Plus that global tax refund thing only gives you back 13% not the 25% sales tax.
    But have a fantastic time, I'm sure it will be wonderful.

  7. You are looking so fabulous, loving your maternity style! Have a great time in Stockholm and be sure to report back so we can all live vicariously through your trip ;) L xx


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