Sep 4, 2012

A Change of Plans. First Wheels. Holiday Beauty Buys.

Good morning, all.

I've had a slight major change of plans regarding the holiday.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still on holiday but I'm staying put at home in Sydney.  The reality of flying solo for over 22 hours so close to my hitting the third trimester fatigue hit me yesterday and I realised that it probably wasn't the wisest thing to do on a whim.  So Stockholm has been postponed indefinitely.  Instead, I'll be filling up the next 3 weeks with activities (and chores) more suited to my current energy levels and attention span.

Not to worry though, the giveaway (shameless plug) is still all go.

It's only been a couple of days but I'm already in go slow holiday mode.  The days just seem to unfold at their own pace and I'm really enjoying doing things on a whim.
Mr SSG and I finally got around to watching The Hunger Games on DVD with bonus commentary from the cheap seats courtesy of myself.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film, especially Jennifer Lawrence's performance.  It's so refreshing seeing the female lead of a teen fiction to film production not sulking continuously for 142 minutes.  I had a very firm idea of what The Capitol and District 12 would look like and the film made things exactly the way I saw them in my mind.  I shared my delight at this quite a few times with Mr SSG over the course of the film.

There was other stuff going on in the cheap seats on the floor.

The ceremonial assembling of Baby SSG's first set of wheels.  For maximum cuteness / cheesiness - how could I not buy him Viktor and Rolf's My First Car Cameleon 3 (or C3 for the mums and dads) collaboration with Bugaboo?  I bought ours from minimee which is based in Sydney.  A few of the international online sites are also selling this pram but they're either on pre-order or else not shipping to Australia or US based mail forwarding services.  Minimee have great customer service and super fast delivery by the way.

I gave myself bonus points for correctly identifying the 'large wheels' with their Viktor and Rolf hubcaps.
Keeping an eye on my stop watch and making myself comfortable on the yoga mat, I proceeded to unpack the pram parts and read the 45 page instruction manual.  The diagrams are easy to follow but it still took me an hour or so to put it all together.  I didn't have any major mishaps along the way but I was keeping one eye on The Hunger Games at the same time.

Fortunately, no extra hardware was required in the assembly of the pram.  The wheels clicked into position and everything else that needed attachment did so with the aid of velcro straps.  This will sound strange but I swear the pram smelled of new car when I opened the box.  I wonder if this was a design feature dreamed up by Viktor and Rolf?

There's been a lot of curiousity as to how this version of the pram compares to the previous model.  Having only tried the older model in a store, my opinion is pretty limited.  However, I did find it much easier to put the two parts of the C3 together.  The bassinet clips onto the base in a manner that is less complicated than previously.  Also, it just seemed easier to fold the base down.  Weight wise, the box states that the C3 as it was delivered in the box comes in at 15.75 kg.  You could probably take off a kilo from this for daily use as you won't be lugging around both the seat and bassinet attachments on your travels.

Size wise, the C3 doesn't look much narrower than the previous model.  I did some practice runs around the house and managed to get it through the narrow doorways easily.  In terms of 'drive' and 'handling', I'd compare this pram to a Volvo.  It's quite firm on the ground and turns corners with stability.  The brake is firm and is deployed by flicking the red brake switch on the main handlebar.

That window in the bonnet is probably there for the benefit of the parents rather than the babies.
In terms of finish, it's a Bugaboo and those extra dollars clearly went into the product (as well as the hype).  All the stitching was neatly and securely finished.  The bulk of the carry basket (at the base) and the bassinet are made of a sturdy canvas with a synthetic leather finish.  The same synthetic leather is used as trimming and for the 'bonnet'.  There is a wooden base to the bassinet and the mattress on top of this is firm and has a fitted, removable cover.  The pram arrived in perfect condition from the factory thanks to the clever packaging.

There is a matching foot muff for this pram that I'm going to purchase separately, it's now online at minimee.  Accessories such as cup holders, pram liners etc are not included in the package sold in Australia but are readily available from many online and retail outlet sources.

Now that the pram is assembled, I'm trying my hardest to not use it as another piece of furniture until Baby SSG arrives.

But that's not to say that I can't use it as a photographic prop it in the interim.  Baby SSG's assets have gone global in recent weeks.

Carly Findlay found these books for Baby SSG in New York.  Somehow, I think the baby is going to be hybrid foodie and urban.

His little cousin helped his parents choose these gifts from Sweden and the UK.  The blanket is from Mamas and Papas and the giraffe is a newborn friendly relative of Sophie.  The French giraffe who was born in 1961 and is the patron saint of teething.

Being on holidays is always a good excuse to try and discuss new beauty products.

Meet my $5.40 tube of mascara.  I bought this from Priceline over the weekend.  The price ended up getting reduced twice at the register for me.

Cedel now make a travel size version of dry shampoo, available in versions for dark or lighter coloured hair.  Whilst Pantene's Clinicare range now extends to a split end treatment.

There's even a salon like stand to hold each single use ampule of product.  I'm loving how soft this leave in treatment is making my hair feel these days.  I think 10 doses retails for $20.

Unfortunately, Priceline seems to be experiencing a statewide shortage of the Clinicare deep conditioning treatment.  The only way I could get them was as part of this set.  Oh the logistics of my hair care.  I don't know how it ever got this way.


  1. I think you have made a wise decision postponing the trip. I did two long haul flights during the first trimester with my second baby and it really was not the best holiday for lots of reasons. The flights were tough!

  2. Oh what a bummer re your trip, but totally understandable. I'm yet to watch Hunger Games - I loved the books, but have heard mixed things about the movie.

  3. Lisa @ Blith MomentsSeptember 4, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    SSG I think you have made a wise choice in postponing the trip. Having just battled long haul flights myself, I would hate to do it whilst pregnant.
    I loved the Hunger Games, I thought they really accurately brought it to life. I'm hanging out for the next installment, it will be interesting to see what impact the change of director has.

  4. I was going to say ... I don't think i could have flown when pregnant. I did in the earlish days 2nd trimester and I was feeling so sick from the flight. It was only going to Tassie. Put your feet up girl. :)

  5. Lorraine @ Not Quite NigellaSeptember 4, 2012 at 2:40 PM

    I loved The Hunger Games too and didn't understand when both David and Margaret disliked it intensely. I think it was such an interesting storyline and comment about society :)

  6. It's a good idea staying back I think. I sat next to a very pregnant lady on a flight from Paris-KL (then to Sydney) in 2010. She was horribly ill the entire time and couldn't take anything for it like ginger travicalm (which I helpfully offered her). Gave her some barley sugar and wished she was able to be reseated in a nicer section of the plane than economy..

  7. I think you've made the right decision re: your trip, and you can always go another time for sure.

    Oooh, I love dry shampoo! I've only ever tried the Batiste range, which is a white powder and not great for a brunette. I'll have to check out the Cedel as I'm running low.

  8. Probably a good idea to stay put - particularly for comfort and peace of mind.
    Love the pram but I'm biased having a cameleon also - its brilliant for shopping and so light. I actually put the seat together today as bubba prefers to see more around him now than laying flat in the bassinet. S hated the fact that it required so much assembly for the price but it really wasnt that complicated :)
    Be warned - the cot once assembled will become the veritable toy chest/storage unit in the nursery given you know you arent going to use it for a while (everything ends up tossed in the :) ).

  9. Absolutely the right decision to have a "stay-cation" - enjoy! And what a lovely pram - baby SSG will be snug as a bug in a rug! X

  10. Definitely a good choice not to fly. It's a very long way and third trimester is when things get really uncomfortable. It was bad enough flying home from the US at 18 weeks let alone 30 odd weeks. Stockholm isn't going anywhere.

    We are in the home of Sophie Le Girrafe at the moment. She is tres popular here!

    I loved the Hunger Games. And I'm glad you are in love with your Boo. One of the best baby purchases we made.

    K xx

  11. Shame your holiday is postpobed, but hope you enjoy your time off in Sydney! I'm here for a few days and there is so much to see and do :)

  12. I think they bought a Sophie for the baby in the movie Three Men and a Baby. Haha


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