Sep 7, 2012

A Night Out With Fashion, Sydney's VFNO 2012.

The world of fashion is vexing, readers, capital V grade Vexing.  As the rest of Australia comes to grips with the QANTAS / Emirates merger (having frequent flier points with both airlines, it's win win for me) and the implications of our previously invincible iron ore companies scaling back on big projects, I was beside myself at SSG Manor trying to figure out what to wear to Vogue's Fashion Night Out.

There were moments where I was nearly on top of myself as well as I gamely tried to squeeze myself into what I thought were loose fitting shifts from my pre-pregnancy days.  None of these were willing to travel any further down my torso than my waist.  At the same time, I was sick to death of my wintery leggings and dress combinations that I've been wearing ad nauseum to work.  

Dress - Isabella Oliver Maternity, flats - Tory Butch, bag, belt and cuff - Hermes.

In the end, I had to abandon my dreams of encapsulating spring in a single outfit and stepped out in good old fashionista black.  This Isabella Oliver dress is so comfortable as well and the flats were a sensible choice for an evening of traipsing through the CBD.

In hindsight, perhaps I worried a little too much about what to wear if the the opening festivities at Westfield were anything to go by.

Ladies, may I present the Westfield red carpet.

And its buff attendants.  Each man had a Westfield tattoo on their left shoulder.  It just wouldn't have been right for a heavily pregnant woman to fall upon them and ask for a photo of their biceps so I left that well alone.

Just to recap, for those who may not be familiar with #VFNO, it's a night to promote fashion retail and Vogue magazine around the world.  Nights Out are held simultaneously in cities such as Sydney, New York and London.  I think the first event was in New York.  The aim is to bring fashion to people outside of the industry by holding shopper events and parades that are free and open to all.

A whole range of stores joined the party with creative ways of getting their brand recognised.

There was an Oroton coffee cart complete with custom 'I Love Oroton' cups.

The queue to enter Mulberry was not for the faint of heart or tired of legs so I had to make do with taking a photo of the these helium balloons in the shape of the brass Mulberry lock.  It looked like there was a nail art bar in store as well.  Though I'm not sure if the art involved the Mulberry logo.

Look what I saw just outside the store!!!

The apple green and old gold of a Laduree awning!!!

It was all there, from the topiary trees to the marble bench tops of the counters.  Which means they will be open any day now.  You can count on me to report back regarding the when and the how.

Meanwhile, as the sun set on a glorious spring day, the red carpets and light shows were pressed into action.  Club Hermes hosted a series of DJs.

I rediscovered by inner club bunny with a Vogue tattoo.  Which I hope is temporary.  No offence to the magazine but I'm meant to be role playing a responsible parent on a daycare tour on behalf of Baby SSG later this morning and it's too hot to wear long sleeves.

In lieu of standard issue night club stamps, Club H was be-ribboning its patrons with these fabric ribbons inspired by the care labels of their clothing and accessories.

The official snack was salted caramel popcorn.  Because either salt or caramel would just be too conventional.

The goody bag contained something I've been in search of for years - a pack of scarf cards.

Behold the almost baby shower snack bar at Tiffany & Co.

I will go on the record and say that the chocolate mud cake pops were excellent.  There was a rush on the drinks so I missed out.

By evening, Martin Place was heaving with a DJ and throngs of happy fashion fans enjoying everything that the fashion retailers had to offer.

Two of the city's new food trucks also stopped by to be part of the festivities.

Despite not having a drop of champagne pass my lips at the 7 places we visited where it was on offer, I did not leave VFNO empty handed or hungry.  There were salted caramel macarons and chocolates packed in Gustav Klimt inspired cards at Frey Wille.  Sausage rolls at the ASOS van and some funky looking herbal energy drinks nearby.

I returned home with these shower gel travel samples from Palmolive and a Shopbop calico bag containing a 20% discount voucher for Australian shoppers.

But enough about last night, I've got to google how to remove temporary tattoos before I leave the house.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I usually try to avoid masses of women on the hunt for something free/cheap (for the fear factor), but it does look like it was a good night!

  2. Baby oil will remove the tattoo!

  3. Looks like it was a great night!

  4. You look like a super glam pregnant lady. And I agree with Denise - baby oil will remove the tattoo. Aquim or any other alcohol hand cleaner will also do the trick.

  5. Lisa @ Blith MomentsSeptember 7, 2012 at 12:21 PM

    I agree with the other ladies and hope you have already stocked up because baby oil is key for removing temporary tats. Oh I wish we had nights like this in Canberra. On the other hand I'm on a spending ban so I'm probably glad we don't!

  6. What else did you get in the Hermes bag? did you need to make a purchase? I am so annoyed I missed out on that! :(

  7. That was it. Short and sweet. :-)

    SSG xxx

  8. Thanks for that Lisa! Come to Sydney for the next one in 2013!

    SSG xxx

  9. Thanks, AFW!

    SSG xxx

  10. It did indeed. Thanks, Denise.

    SSG xxx

  11. It was great fun. Even without the benefit of all the alcohol and canapes on offer.

    SSG xxx

  12. I am in love with your Birkin. It's just the perfect colour. I am putting it on my wish list. Mr K owes me big time: He's been going off walking up mountains in Chamonix leaving me with an almost walking overactive 10 month old baby in a non baby proofed apartment. Frankly I'm not sure a Birkin is enough really...

    Please provide info regarding Laduree opening when it happens.

    K xx

  13. Oh i love this post! What fun! Haha at the tattoo! And such yummy food their. Glad you had fun.

  14. Hi Sydney Shop Girl. Over the moon that you enjoyed our Cake Pops - made our day!!. We were unable to attend the event, and get photos, so would love to share your photos of our Cake Pops on our FB page, along with a link to your blog. Lucy - The Cake Pop Bakery


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