Sep 23, 2012

iPhone 5 and Instragram LOVE. Birkenhead Point in Birkenstocks.

It all started when I got my iPhone 5 on Friday.  My phone got delivered as promised.  I went to my Telco and got a new nano SIM and by the afternoon, I was card carrying member of the iPhone 5 hysteria that seems to have swept across the world.  Too easy.

I know there are a zillion technical advances that set the current model iPhone apart from its predecessors but the feature that means the most to me is the increased memory.  The challenge of filling 64G of memory is one that I intend to fully explore.  No more binning photos after I've uploaded them to my Macbook.  Oh, the freedom!!!!!!!!

The official ssgblogger instragram photo.  From back in the day when Mr SSG and I were newlyweds...

All those extra Gs is also why I've finally gotten onto the Instagram bandwagon.  I never was able to get it to work on my old phone but it's definitely working for me now.  I'm in the process of trying to find as many people as I can on Instragram and I thank everyone who's been able to find and follow me first.  For the record, I'm ssgblogger.

Instagram is now my new obsession.  This amazing weather in Sydney right now has enabled this like nothing else.  Practically everything around me is Insta worthy right now...

 A construction site down the road from the bus stop.

A mosaic at a shopping centre.

Ring - Tiffany and Co, horn bangle - Mai Tai Collection.

My favourite 'spring but it feels like summer already' arm party.

An improvised phone case while I wait for my real one to arrive in the post.

Despite living 15 minutes from Birkenhead Point and having done so for the last 5 years, I have never actually been shopping there.  The last time I visited, the shopping centre was being renovated and it was too early for the 'real' (ie non grocery) shops to be open.  The years have gone by in the meantime and the time had come to make amends.  I've never been one to resist good alliterations so I slipped on my Birkenstocks yesterday in honour of my inaugural visit to Birkenhead.

Dress - Isabella Oliver Maternity, horn bangle - Mai Tai Collection.

I wore this shirt dress which I'm loving to bits right now.

Birkenhead Point used to house factory and it still a functioning marina.  The shopping area runs over several floors and has an open air central courtyard that extends to the roof.  The skylight both keeps the rain out and lets the sunshine in.  In contrast to the large DFO I visited in Perth which was open plan as well but somehow neglected to make provisions for the winter weather.

Towards the end of the upper level walk way is a cafe area and a glassed panel that offers a view out onto the city and river.

The food court on ground level opens out onto the marina, in the background is the Iron Cove Bridge.  I stepped out into the sun to have a go with the panorama function on my phone.  Not bad for a first effort and so easy to use as well.

The iPhone 5 camera also has a pretty cool HDR function which makes for some pretty cool macro images.  This is a photo of the quadruple choc brownie batter I baked today using .... Frangelico in lieu of water.  That's okay, right?  The alcohol evaporates with the baking, doesn't it?

Back to Birkenhead.  I amazed myself at how 'in the moment' I was with my shopping.  I went looking for bedlinen for Baby SSG's cot and left with only the things I had on my shopping list.  Admittedly it was probably because I was exhausted from coming to grips with the choice and the sizing.  It took around half an hour to get my head around the fact that there are differences between a cot and cot bed and that you can have a plain or terry cotton finish to your fitted sheet.  And then there were the variety of mattress protectors...

I left so many things behind, and most of them were at the Polo Ralph Lauren outlet and they were all too big for a newborn sized Baby SSG (sizes were for 6-9 months up).  I'll have to go back next year with Baby SSG himself but in the meantime, I have these photos.

A button down striped shirt and chino combination.  Just in case we get invited to high tea somewhere.

A sensible grey cardigan.  No explanation needed, really.  Everyone needs one to wear with their jeans in winter.

A variety of polo shirts.  For hitting the shops on Saturday morning.

I'm also a bit cut at leaving these Rip Curl boardies behind as well.

Not to worry, I'm sure I'll be back at Birkenhead sometime soon.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone and see you next week.  I'm returning to work tomorrow and I think I need a few of those brownies I baked today to prepare myself.


  1. Oh I'm so excited you are now on Instagram! I've just followed you and I am redrosescrystal. It's a lovely community there SSG and I love it cause it's lots of fun.
    ps. I decided to take a break from twitter after my account was hacked and while I miss aspects of it Insta fills the void beautifully.

  2. Glad to see you on instagram :) The brownies look delicious too!

    Seems like a really nice shopping trip :)

  3. So glad you are on the ig bandwagon now, just followed you xx

  4. I baked brownies this weekend too!
    Seeing your shots of BHP make ms feel Sydney home sick :-( I lived in Balmain and it was a great walk to destination when I was on maternity leave.
    Be sure to check out the Seed shop there too! I've picked up heaps of stuff for my little one on the past!

  5. You're looking good girl!!

    BTW how much are the RL polos when on sale there? I always only buy from

  6. Lisa @ Blithe MomentsSeptember 24, 2012 at 1:59 PM

    Having not pre-ordered I will have a few weeks wait for an iPhone 5 but I'm very much looking forward to the upgrade from my 3GS.
    I had my best ever outlet shopping experience at Birkinhead Point. It was a cold, wet, miserable day, I was on my own and I found bargains every which way I turned. I must go for a repeat visit sometime.

  7. Thanks, Ling!

    I think the polos were around $30? Was not looking too closely at prices. Yeah. will have to order from website direct, I think.

    SSG xxx

  8. I think I'm going to be a regular at Birkenhead over the coming months, Lisa..

    SSG xxx

  9. Thanks mashi!

    SSG xxx

  10. Totally agree about Insta, Annie!

    SSG xxx

  11. Insta is so much fun. Love the way the app makes iPhone photos look.

    SSG xxx


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