Sep 1, 2012

Kroner. Bank Sponsored Burgers.

I'm one of those people that loves a holiday itinerary.  I may not follow it to the letter but I like leaving for foreign cities armed with a Word document or two (photocopied in triplicate) waterproofed in a plastic document sleeve.  The theory is that even if I don't succeed in visiting eight places of interest per day, at least I've read about them.

It would probably be a good idea to label a few more of those yellow sticky tabs...

Stockholm, I apologise then for not visiting you armed with my usual reams of paper.  It's been so hectic here and with only 2 days ear marked for roaming your streets, I will be relying on my copy of Lonely Planet Stockholm Encounter to shed some light as I explore.  I think the theme for this break will be roaming without a plan.  I'm just going to wake up each morning and hit the streets armed with nothing more than a sense of being open to whatever catches my eye.

Unfortunately, Mr SSG will not be making the trip with me but he will be there in spirit thanks to his excellent work in sourcing me some Kroner this week.  Mr SSG's advice to anyone looking for Kroner on a Friday is to not do it at lunchtime in Martin Place.  The line was 'crazy' and it 'took forever to find out if they even had any Kroner in the safe'.  I  know all of this because Mr SSG was texting me live from Find Kroner Central.

The business end of lunch time done, he hit the street and the SMSs turned into MMSs.  As they should whenever you come across colourful tents and crowds in Martin Place.

The CBA may be the Australia's largest bank and it may charge international transaction fees 2000 times what it actually costs to run a credit card number through a computer but they do know how to sponsor a good gourmet hot food stall.

The Best Ever Big Aussie Barbie campaign is a nationwide day of fund raising and education about prostate cancer.  Companies and individuals can choose to either donate or else host a barbecue to raise funds for prostate cancer research and education.  The CBA is a major sponsor and the Martin Place barbecue featured beef or veggie burgers, prawn skewers and salad.

As a reward for surviving the Kroner commotion, Mr SSG bought himself a beef burger (or two) for a desk lunch that was may more exciting than mine.

The Kroner now take pride of place in the mountain of things that I've heaped on the spare bed to pack.    I'm hoping that I will  be able to cull a few items each time I walk past.  I'm only away for 6 nights but it seems so much harder to plan maternity travel outfits.

I  might have to read the Isabella Oliver magazine for some ideas.  This latest order was all about the spring dress and even I know not to pack too many light coloured dresses for a walking and conferencing holiday.

Have a lovely Saturday!  I'm going to be all over the city today with errands to run.  I'm hoping to pop into the DJ's flower show as well.  How about you?


  1. Have a wonderful trip - you lucky gal! I've only been to Malmo in Sweden but it was lovely (cold though as I was there in December). Brrr.

  2. Good work Mr SSG, I love it when they do boring jobs for us! Although it sounds suspicious now that i see there was a convenient bbq going on! Have a great trip enjoy your random wandering. L xx

  3. Have a wonderful trip, SSG! Can't wait to hear all about it


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