Oct 13, 2012

Around the House. Homage To Brynne.

I'm being a bit of a homebody today and pottering around, finding things that need to be done.

I've addressed the snail situation in the She Shed with a generous dusting of snail pellets.

A back log of winter knits got washed and hung out to dry in such a way that minimises them being stretched out of shape.

They'll all still be scented with the smell of Martha Gardener's Wool Mix when I get them out next winter.

For lunch, I could only gaze from a distance at Mr SSG's soba noodle and sashimi salad.  Only 10 weeks and 4 days until I can fulfil my fantasy of being head down in a catering platter of sushi.  I am seriously intending to order one from my hospital bed and asking Mr SSG to bring it with him when he comes to visit.  It'll be a nice break from hospital food and I'll share (as much as I can) with all the nurses on shift and anyone else on the ward with a sushi deficiency.

Do you remember these jelly flats from sometime around 1983?  I had a glittery blue pair from Target that I wore to death...

Well, I had a 2012 craving for them today and found this pair on The Iconic.  I think the grey will work with my fledgeling kaftan collection and the studded bling will my homage to Brynne Edelsten.  The sandals are made by an Australian brand called Holster .  The model I bought is called Masquerade and they were $48.  They would have cost $38 if I'd signed up for the newsletter first and then used the $10 code to order the shoes....  Never mind.

Shipping is free on The Iconic and I'm curious to see if their famous shipping times are for real.  Regular free shipping is overnight or you can pay $9.95 for 3 hour shipping within Sydney.  I will report back both on the delivery time and the comfort factor of the Holsters.


  1. Sounds like we are having an identical day today. Enjoy your weekend lovely. Love the blog xx

  2. I am so tempted to go onto The Iconic, but I'm afraid I may never get off. Looking forward to hearing about those shipping times ... (nice shoes :) )

  3. I did all my winter wool washing as well today with Martha Gardener's Wool Mix!

  4. LOL! I have the same craving as you SSG. (i'm 1 week behind you)
    I've already told DH to buy me a Sushi Platter from Makoto already!

  5. Love the grey flats you bought, they look really nice for summer! :) You're brave packing away all of your winter knits too, after 35 degrees last weekend it plunged to single digits this week. I don't think Queensland knows what season it is! :P

  6. Hello, just wanted to say I am loving your blog. Really enjoying your writing. I had desperate goats cheese desires throughout my pregnancy seven years ago; funny thing was they all evaporated overnight when the baby was born! Those hormones are cruel!

  7. Love these photos, you are an amazing home lover:). Are you using Instagram to shoot these photos?

  8. I have a pair of sparkly Holster flats and they are quite comfortable (once you break them in). Highly recommended and that price is good!

    K xx

  9. Brynne and I think that it's not blingy enough. Get more blinging.

  10. Lisa @ Bithe MomentsOctober 15, 2012 at 12:28 PM

    All this rain has the snails heading forth in all directions! I must action some snail pellets too.
    Love the shoes, am looking forward to hearing a report on the Iconic. They have some lovely stuff.


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