Oct 5, 2012

Friday. Fasting.

Happy Friday, everyone!  It's spring, it's sunny and well it's the weekend tomorrow.

I celebrated all of the above with one of those glam looking cans of Coke Zero, below.  They're the best of both worlds really - the Red Bull silhouette (and maybe even wings) but the Coke Zero taste.  Red Bull smells like cough mixture to me and that alone has put me off even taking a sip of it.  Coke Zero on the other hand is an odourless brew of quite a few synthetic substances that I just haven't been able to completely give up.

I've also been thankful for the bump because it now means that I can pull of that high waisted belt look and not have to worry about the belt slipping to my natural waist (which disappeared months ago).  It's the big things in life that make us happy, isn't it?

Top - Isabella Oliver Maternity, belt - Esprit, necklaces - Red Phoenix Emporium
Aren't the longer periods of daylight an absolute joy?  It's wonderful being able to come home from work and have a walk before dinner.

Not to mention the fact that the sun is streaming through the windows when I wake up in the morning.  It makes it that much more pleasant to be getting yourself ready for work when you're not faced with pitch black darkness beyond your front door.  Can you tell how much I love daylight saving?  I might have a little soiree to celebrate it starting this Sunday.


If there's one thing I like talking about these days as much as Baby SSG, it's reality television.  I'm trying hard to make it one or the other in my posts to give you all a break.  Today, Brynne wins.  I don't care what the haters say, I am loving My Bedazzled Life.  It's so hard not to like Brynne.  She comes across as a genuinely nice person and the people around her genuinely warm to her personality and larger than life presence.  We will always respectfully disagree about wardrobe choices but I am tempted to sneak in a bit more diamante in my wardrobe.  Perhaps there'll be something at Top Shop for me tomorrow.

Okay, I'm off to be restful until 10 am tomorrow.  I've eaten my new improved body weight in Chinese take away and am in the right head space for this fifteen hour fasting fiasco.

See you on the other side.....


  1. Omg hope the fast goes fast ;) loving you in pink and belts! L xx

  2. Love your black necklace and belt against the pink top :) I didn't get a chance to see the Brynne show but sounds like it will be fun - next week maybe :) Have a great weekend, hope the test goes well.

  3. I'm watching Brynne too.. i could not hack Lara but Brynne I can watch.
    My husband is not impressed.


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