Oct 25, 2012

Letting the Pictures Do the Talking.

It's nearly Friday and thank goodness for that.  Work has been busy and it's amazing just how draining a day of meetings can be.  I've been non verbal all afternoon to recover and an only capable of communication via email and Word documents.

All I feel like doing right now is kicking back and talking around some of my Instagram pictures (a shameless plug for my account, ssgblogger).  So today, let's borrow from late 1960's counterculture and turn on, tune in and drop out as we let the pictures (rather than the drugs) do the talking.

First up, is there anything better than coming home from work after a long day?  That whole process of dumping your keys on the coffee table (being careful to not hit the decorative glassware), taking of your jewelry and then going belly up on the sofa with a magazine.  Especially if Hugh Jackman is on the cover and there is the promise of a whole host of Christmas cooking ideas within.  It is only 61 days until Christmas, after all.

Purple seems to be the colour of spring.  The jacarandas and other flowering plants around where I live have coloured the streets a regal shades of purple.

Purple was also my go to colour to wrap a gift for our friends' new baby boy.  I bought baby L a beautiful grey knit blanket from Seed.  It doesn't seem to be on the website anymore.  But take my word for it, it's a thing of beauty.  A simple geometric design in shades of grey and white.  It's trans seasonal and would work with any number of outfits.  Not that either of these points would matter much to baby L.  I think the blanket's softness will the point of interest for him.

However, I did find this as I was searching....
Santa Bear Bodysuit
It's not just any bodysuit, it's a Santa Bear bodysuit.  I know I promised myself to never dress Baby SSG up like a department store during religious holidays but the Santa Bear graphic is just too cute.  For those of you who are interested though, they retail for $39.95.

It's a mere 15 days until sunny pre dinner walks on weekdays will be the story of my life.  I'm frantically getting things organized for maternity leave.  Each day seems to turn up a new form I need to fill out or a new person I need to email.....

I felt a bit crazy taking as many photographs of strawberries as I did a few weeks ago but I think the best of the strawberries have now come and gone.  It was just as well I ate them to the point of intoxication when they were at their best.

The other strawberry in my life, Strawberrynet is still at the top of its game.  My latest parcel from them was a sight for sore eyes.  I was down to my last drops of Argan Oil hair treatment and Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm when that familiar purple ribboned box was left at the door.

Another week, another food obsession. This week, it's all about wasabi peas.  They make me type faster.

Something I've really enjoyed but probably sounds very strange is reading aloud to Baby SSG.  He seems quite content to hear me chronicle the adventures of Poo Bear, Christopher Robin and the rest of 100 Acre Wood each evening.  I've fallen in love all over again with A.A. Milne's prose and Pooh's unique cognitive processes.  Turn on, tune in and drop out, indeed!

Have a lovely evening, everyone!!!


  1. Where's the fun in not dressing your baby in themed clothing? I say do it! We are getting into Halloween in a big way in our fam - spooky decorations and costumes everywhere!! L xx

  2. I think G needs a onesie like that!!

    Last year we dressed her up like a candy cane and a pudding and she's turning out just fine. I wouldn't be worried about a tiny santa hat on a bear ;)

    K xx

  3. That onesie is so cute! I'm looking forward to the weekend, has been such a long week!

  4. Ssg you need to look at Carter's (www.carters.com). The Americans have such cute themed outfits and good quality baby clothes you'd love. Too bad they don't ship to aus (but they do to nz).

  5. Something GorgeousOctober 26, 2012 at 7:13 AM

    Today is Friday. I'm with you! G.x

  6. Lisa @ Bithe MomentsOctober 26, 2012 at 12:37 PM

    My sister picked up her purple ribboned package the other day and the girl in front of her in the line had an almost identical one. We wondered if the Post Office staff knew what was in all these packages tied with purple string!
    That onesie is so cute. Personally I am well aware if we have kids my other half will have them wearing hats with ears until they are old enough to protest. Our children will be themed.

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