Oct 30, 2012

Really Early Mornings. The Weather Gets Bumped.

Summer is a matter of weeks away.  It's the scent of gardenias in the early morning that always gives it away.  I seem to have murdered my own gardenias but the neighbourhood's hedges are so beautifully scented at the moment it makes my morning power waddles extra special.

I'm a keen observer of the early mornings these days because my body clock seems to have reset itself around Baby SSG's moments of peak activity which are currently 2.30 am and 4.15 am.  He's a stickler for routine, just like his mother and there are days when I actually wake up in anticipation of whatever new little trick he's got for my abdominal wall.  At the moment, he seems keen on the Iyengar Yoga approach to exercise which translates to him holding a limb in a fixed position until at least the count of 8, before switching sides.  The things you learn in utero.

Usually, I spend these early starts trying to get some extra sleep in between wake up calls but this morning sleep evaded me so we sat up for a while and read some Dr Seuss.

I dressed up for the occasion in my Qantas First PJs gifted to me by Mr SSG.  I'm wearing them to death at the moment because they finally fit!  The always helpful Baby SSG has managed to simultaneously keep the bottoms up and fill out the top so that neither half swims on me (much).

Dr Seuss' ABC is officially our favourite Dr Seuss book.  The wacky alliteration makes it great fun to read aloud, Baby SSG got in a few kicks and I found myself laughing out loud.

Something I haven't enjoyed reading recently is the print version of our local daily broadsheet.  Seriously.  What is the point of putting the weather forecast anywhere but the front page?  SMH editorial and marketing departments, what good is it going to do bleary eyed and caffeine deficient readers first thing in the morning if you decide to put it on page 14 one day and page 21 the next?!?!  I'm really hoping that this find the weather report caper is just a trial because if it isn't I'm going completely paperless next week and will just look at the weather app on my iPhone from now on.

In celebration of Half Price Tuesday at our local DVD store, Mr SSG picked up a DVD for us to watch after dinner.

I know that many people think that the book on which the film is based is pretty corny at times but the upbeat and fluffy tone of What To Expect can be just what you need when you find yourself getting stressed about your pregnancy and you find yourself over thinking every little detail.  I'm addicted to the iPhone app and look forward to each Thursday when the pregnancy tracker part of the app tells me what sized fruit of vegetable Baby SSG has grown to.

At the moment, he's a head of lettuce.

The film has had mostly uninspired reviews by the critics but if it's anywhere near as fluffy as the book, it'll be just the thing for me tonight.


By the way, if you're in the market for something from the Roberto Cavalli for Target range, it's on sale tomorrow.  The best news?  Online and in store simultaneously.  I'm going to set my alarm early and organise myself to be internet accessible for the moment it launches.  I'm quite liking the look of the sandals in the range.


  1. I expect the site to crash x

  2. Have been trying to find out with no success - does cavali go online same time as on sale in store?

  3. Damn my shopping ban!! Although I have to admit the designs aren't really me. No black.

    K xx

  4. Lisa @ Bithe MomentsOctober 31, 2012 at 12:44 PM

    I don't know what I've done to my gardina but it forms huge beautiful buds that just wilt away never opening. It is very distressing.
    This is such a bad time to be on a shopping ban, some of those Cavali pieces are divine.

  5. i didn't know the movie was base on a book. I was surprised that I enjoyed the movie. Balled my eyes too (or either I had a very emotional day haha)


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