Oct 10, 2012

Talking, Thinking and Typing Away. Getting Through the Shopping List.

Hello Wednesday, so glad to see you!!

It's been one of those weeks where my proudest moment has been to make it to hump day. I'm getting tired more easily these days and have no qualms about finding the quickest path to bed the moment I get home.  Things reached a critical point yesterday when I couldn't even bring myself to open my emails from the Outnet and the Gilt Groupe.  Staying up for the latest episode of 16 and Pregnant?  Forget.  About.  It.

Then there's all those annoying and plain weird things that happen to pregnant women that never quite made it to the lists of ailments on pregnancy websites.  None of them life threatening but incredibly annoying when they attack you in multiple whilst you're trying to embody the essence of  being serenely pregnant.  I am going to have trouble keeping a straight face when my obstetrician asks me how things are going at our appointment tomorrow.  If those walls could speak...

In a strange way, having to go to work everyday has probably helped my energy levels rather than depleted them.  It's been good to be forced to get out of bed and get dressed properly.  I've even 'enjoyed' suffering the morning peak hour with everyone else on their way to work.  And I can't ignore the fact  that all the talking, thinking and typing away at the computer that makes up my day does more for my brain cells than a day on the sofa trying to peel my eyes away from Big Fat Gypsy Weddings....

And when I need a bit of sit down, there's plenty of things to keep me going in my office.

A newly filled jar of tea bags.

A memento from Hawaii 2011.  Mr SSG and I are planning to return next year for our first big family holiday.

My emergency make up for when I'm running late to work and need urgent work on my eyes in order to at least look awake and ready for the day.  When you're most in need, bring out the heavy hitters, I say.  Stila eyeshadow blends super quickly and I have yet to meet a MAC blush I didn't like.

Then there's the opportunity to be super productive during my lunch break.  Not only is there a post office down the road but also ...

endless pre mix diet coke with extra ice cubes!!  I can't work out which I love more about soft drinks at Maccas - the fact that it's pre mix or the great tasting ice cubes.  I'll figure it out one day.

The only problem with being down the road from an oasis that has both a Maccas and a post office is that there are quite a few stores that I can never walk out of empty handed.

Cotton On Kids is one such place.  It was a hard call but even more exciting than having my weekly soft drink from McDonalds was finally finding a soft, brimmed hat for Baby SSG.

And please tell me I'm not the only person who had to google 'do + newborns + wear + bibs'?  Apparently, some do and some don't.  As there's no telling which way things are going to go for us, I picked up a pair whilst I was there.

Then I tackled the newborn swaddling issue at Big W with thanks to L at  Pork Chop's Nest for suggesting these stretch cotton wraps.  They were a steal at under $13 for three.  They swaddle, drape over prams and even mop up mess if need be.  They're practically paying for themselves.

I also have these Halo SleepSack Swaddles which aren't quite so multi-purpose but have these handy safety messages embroidered onto them.  The idea is that you zip your baby into the sack which allows their hips some movement and then fold down their arms and secure them under the velcro sides.  Time will tell as to whether the new fandangled or the old school will do the trick for us.

No trip to Big W would be complete without a Bonds purchase and today's was a pair of Wondersuits in what I am sure will be the baby's favourite colours.

Beyond my little bubble of life, things haven't been great, have they?  Australian politics has been a bit of a disgrace, really.  Our Speaker resigned, the Leader of the Opposition endeared himself to no one with his thoughtless repetition of the phrase 'dying of shame' and with the minority government I can't see much legislation being passed for a while.  The only dignified moments came from PM Gillard and her spirited retorts to Tony Abbott.  Might be a good time to get stuck into US Presidential race.


  1. So glad you got those big w swaddles, after trying out many they were my absolute favourite. Excellent purchasing x

    I just had post mix diet coke. So good

  2. Looks like a great lunch time shopping trip! :)

  3. It makes my day to see your posts where you are buying baby stuff! So glad after the journey to this point.

    PS - I think you need more wraps - 6 will not be enough if you have a vomitty baby....

  4. I have missed all the shenanigoats and goings on in Australian public life. Although it could be argued that I missed nothing at all...

    Definitely agree that you need more wraps. We almost exclusively used Weegoamigo muslin wraps - they are enormous and the only thing that wrapped our gigantic baby securely so she couldn't wriggle out of them. All the other ones seemed so small. Plus they were the perfect weight for or warm summer. Highly recommended. We would sometimes go through 3 or 4 in a day. Plus you need one for the car, one for the baby bag, one in the chariot... And then all of a sudden, you don't use them at all. Go figure.

    You will never have enough onesies. The bonmds ones are great but they do shrink. Or maybe my baby grows abnormally fast?

    S xxx

  5. OMG baby stuff!! How exciting.
    And yeah re the politics. Although the US Presidential race isn't much better with Donald Trumps ramblings ...
    But let's get back to baby stuff.
    Happy days SSG! Happy days ..
    Love and hugs
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  6. Thank you, everyone. I will take your advice and get myself some more wraps.

    SSG xxx

  7. What additives do you think Maccas puts into ice cubes?
    Can't be just pure water.
    As for baby shopping - it is making me very excited! :)))))

  8. Renee - GC Real Estate GirlOctober 15, 2012 at 4:50 PM

    Good purchases - bubba E has just started wearing bibs as he is a drooler and quite the happy chucker at the moment! We also loved and still use the Halo sleepsacks for nighttime although he is a houdini baby and gets his arms free now but they were ideal in the early days rather than fumbling in the middle of the night to swaddle with a wrap. Make sure you stock up on muslin wraps also - they are the ultimate multi-taskers and are nice and light weight for hot days to cover the pram, protect bub from hot sun while holding them.... you get the idea :)


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