Nov 10, 2012

And It's A Wrap. The Last Day At Work.

Yesterday was definitely the last day of work I had in me.  I began the day by pouring milk into my orange juice.  Then, my trusty under the belly black belt wouldn't buckle on that very last hole.  The third sign was qualifying for a free coffee on my loyalty card at the work cafe.

On a more serious note, it was just getting harder and harder to give it 100%, even for 50% of the day.  I've slowed down a lot in the last couple of weeks and am convinced the bump is growing before my eyes.

I spent most of Friday excited about the start of maternity leave and grateful that I'd made it to my last day without any mishaps.  Somehow, work got done and the final office clean out happened.

I went out for lunch and had a glass of bubbles, pregnant woman style.  Which basically meant that I had mineral water over lots and lots of ice.

I had one last lunch at EnThaicement, my favourite Thai place down the road.  They do a mean chicken pad thai for only $9 dine in.  Which costs less (and is more nutritious) than my standard order at Maccas at the nearby Westfield food court.  The service at EnThaicement is fast and friendly and the dining room is comfy.  It's not food that pushes artistic boundaries but it's honest and delicious and always hits the spot.

EnThaicement on Urbanspoon

The afternoon sped by after lunch, as it always does on a Friday and it was time for the baby shower that the lovely ladies I work with put on in Baby SSG's honour.  I have decided not to hold one myself, in a way, the blog has been one virtual baby shower for quite some time already.  I'm hoping to make the most of the next few weeks by catching up individually with a few girls over coffee, lunch or telephone.

Having said that, I was taken by the urge to make baby shower gift bags last Sunday.  My local $2 shop was selling these decorative 'popcorn cartons' that I thought would make great gift boxes and table decorations for the afternoon tea.

There's always too much food when we have an afternoon tea so I decided to fill the cartons with these body scented body lotions and shower gels.  I just love the rainbow of colours that they come in.

Fuelled by some Ghiradelli brownies and a strong cup of tea, I got crafty.

And had 50 boxes ready to go an hour or so later.

I work with a pretty special bunch of women (and a few men).  It's always that much easier rolling up to work the day after a shocker knowing that someone will always have a friendly word with me in the corridor or else an uncensored debrief behind closed doors.  There's laughter when it's needed and a willingness to pitch in and help when it's required.  On their own, these are all special enough to find at a work place.  Which is why I then got a bit teary on the way home from work.

Because everyone had gone to so much trouble with the baby shower.  There was an impressive spread of food featuring my current favourites - cheese flavoured corn chips, red velvet cake and home made fish cakes (not all together, mind you).  But also enough gifts to fill a laundry hamper (which matches Baby SSG's cot linen perfectly).  The hamper was filled with gifts that were both very practical and extremely generous.  Conversation over afternoon tea was interspersed with nuggets of parenting advice that were wise and heartfelt.

At the time, all I could say was a simple thank you.  That doesn't go even half way to expressing my gratitude to all the wonderful people I worked with and will hopefully work with again in a year's time.

It was a thoughtful drive home yesterday evening.  I shared the front of the car with my office peace lilly and the swaying of its leaves as I drove reminded me of work and how different my life will be without it in the coming year.  I'm very excited to be starting a new chapter of life with Mr SSG and Baby SSG when he arrives.  The year will be filled with lots of new experiences and the 'achievements' and 'work' of this time will be unlike anything I've done before and the 'recognition' it may garner could be patchy at best.  Life takes us on journeys like this when we need them and also when we're ready to undertake them.  I wonder what I'll learn and how I'll change as the days go by.

In the mean time, I've not been able to resist unpacking some of my office in the study at home.  The peace lilly sits by my side and various bits of stationery now find themselves on the desk here.  I also have memories and faces in my mind that will always make me smile when I reflect upon them.


  1. Congrats on reaching such a huge milestone - enjoy your break before bubs arrives & I can't wait to hear what motherhood is like...

  2. Such a lovely post SSG. I have been thinking of you these past few days, so pleased for you, and so glad you made it. Sydney Shop Baby will have a womdeful mother, and so many bloggy aunties who will love him like we love you x

  3. Congratulations! Lovely post. If you have any spare time before bubs is born pop over to :) love to have you as a member

  4. Those ACAS ladies/gents sure do put on a ripper afternoon tea!

    Love the talk re: dumpling coma.
    All the very best for baby SSG - I am sure you will find ways to make the most challenging times enjoyable (and instagrammable!)
    Enjoy the quiet before!


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