Nov 5, 2012

And the Winners are.....

Hello and isn't it a fabulous Monday?

Mainly because it's my last Monday at work for quite a while...  Moving right along.

Thanks to everyone who entered the Bosisto's Lavender Giveaway.

The four lucky winners are:

  1. Milk and Honey
  2. @itslouisa
  3. maistar8
  4. @wangirls
I've forwarded your postal details to Bosisto's and your goodies should be in the post soon.



  1. Oh my gosh yay I won! Thanks so much, SSG! Can't wait to try the Lavender products! My Monday was not so fabulous, so this has cheered me right up :D

  2. Wooo!!! Unfort all days are the same for me hahaa ESP once on mat leave and oh my gosh your last week SSG!!


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