Nov 2, 2012

Contemplation On the Second Last Friday At Work.

It looks like the people have spoken and the powers that be have listened.  Sort of.

I enjoyed the front page weather while it lasted...

On Thursday, the weather was back in its rightful place.  Which is in the far right hand column in a box, next to the bar code on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald.  Unfortunately, it's gone back to page 18 this morning.  I'm taking it well, all things considered because it is Friday today, after all.

So the weather wasn't really high on my list of priorities this morning when I sat down to my healthy in theory Friday breakfast.  Banana bread with cream cheese and honey is one of my guilty pleasures.  I love how the cream cheese and honey flavours combine to taste like lemon frosting.  Never mind that banana bread is more cake than grainy loaf.  This is my favourite sometimes breakfast of all time.  After bacon and egg rolls with barbecue sauce, which is my breakfast of choice on Saturdays.

I'm all behind the times with the blog at the moment.  I'm forever writing about things days after they've happened in real life.  I'm putting it down to my pregnant brain and its slower than usual processing times.  Date night on Tuesday was a great success.  Both Mr SSG and I had a few belly laughs at What to Expect.   It was a bit cheesy at times, especially the dad's group dialogue but the female cast members'  dialogue and performances carried the film for me.
My favourite new mum was Brooklyn Decker's character, Skyler Cooper.  She just nailed the performance as that perky, perfectly pregnant woman I'll never be (does she really exist or is she a myth we all compare ourselves to?  Thought for another day).  Her husband, Ramsey (Dennis Quaid) is much older and is starting a second family with her.  The pair of them were hilarious in each of their scenes together.

Shirt - Isabella Oliver Maternity, jeans - Rosie Pope, horn bangle - Mai Tai Collection, flats - Delman, bump - 32w2d.

In the realm of fashion, I've embraced skinny white jeans.  These are from Rosie Pope Maternity and bless them for being so stretchy and forgiving.  Especially when worn under a voluminous navy shirt dress.

Surprisingly, I'm better at keeping white jeans white than blouses which I always manage to stain in unfortunate places before the working day has begun.

I started packing up the office this week.  Just looking at the empty spots on the bookcases has filled me with all sorts of emotions.  I'm not clearing my desk and the photos on the wall until the very last minute next Friday.  Doing those too early would really set of the tears.  I'm sad to be leaving the fun and games of my workplace and the great people I work with.  But I'm also excited about my new life as a stay at home mother for the self indulgent period of a full 12 months.

Up until now, I've never thought too hard about my self identity and role in society.  I've had academic and professional goals to work towards, holidays to look forward to and numerous 'me centred'  hobbies and interests to fill in my spare time.  All in the context of great relationships with my husband, parents, siblings and friends.  Life has just done its thing.  There has been the good and the bad, the anticipated and the blind siding.  For the most part, it's all been about me enjoying the highs and toughing out the lows using the resources I have at my disposal.

It's going to be very different in a few short weeks because I (along with Mr SSG) will be responsible for another human being.  One whom we will love with all of our hearts.  From the moment we first hold Baby SSG in our arms, the focus of our lives and our identities will change.  Life will occur in the context of a little person who will be ours in an infinite number of ways that still boggle my mind when I think about it.

It will be exciting, scary, fun, tiring and many other things we haven't thought of.  But we will be doing it together and I couldn't have picked a better running mate.  I know we will all get along together just fine.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. AYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAA for maternity leave!!!
    Your'e going to LOVE it!!!


  2. Time has gone so quick! Well from where I'm sitting anyway. So happy for the wonderful, loving parents you're going to be. And you look so good too!

    TDM xxx

  3. I love your positivity as you head into the unknown, it's refreshing and lovely. You'll be a fab mum and Baby SSG a much loved little man. During the sometimes hard newborn days, my mum reminded me that these little people are only 'on loan' to us for a short time so to remember to enjoy them being little and take lots of mental photographs to keep forever. Something I remind myself of still a year on. Enjoy mat leave too!

  4. So excited for you and Mr SSG! The journey is unlike anything you can even imagine and a billion times more rewarding than you can think - one smile in the morning and a sleepiness night is forgotten :)

  5. You will both be fantastic parents. I hated maternity leave so I shall quickly exit this positive space.
    :) Enjoy!!

  6. Hello Ling
    You will relive your mat leave days because I'll be tweeting you for advice all of next year. Evil cackle.....
    SSG xxx

  7. Hello Becca
    Thank you for your lovely comment. Your mum said it beautifully and I will remember her wise words.
    SSG xxx

  8. Hello mez
    You bet I will!!!!
    SSG xxx


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