Nov 22, 2012

Target's Gifts and Intimates Launch, 2012.

Target has been one of my happy places for a value priced buy for quite some time now.  Whether it's been thermals, on trend accessories, designer collaborations or fun pieces for work, I've always been able to find it at Target.

This season, the brains behind ladies wear have taken their considerable influence on my bargain hunter dollar one step further with the launch of a more comprehensive range of lingerie as well as a expanding their range of more exclusive fragrances and accessories.  

I had the pleasure of attending the Sydney launch of these new initiatives this morning.

The pretty stuff wasn't just limited to standard sizes, both the plus size and maternity ranges also featured lots of colour and style.

Aside from the improvements in product range, Target is also rolling out major improvements in their lingerie departments.  The aim is to make shopping for underwear more user friendly and personal.  Fitting rooms are to be made larger and more comfortable and professional fitters will be on staff at stores throughout the day.  Plans are underway for stores in Sydney to be made over in a similar manner to those in Melbourne.  In addition to key metropolitan stores, Target also plans to offer the new level of service to stores in more remote areas as women living in these regions have quite limited options with regard to accessing a fully serviced lingerie store.

Traditionally, shopping at Target has been a do it yourself affair for customers and the new focus on customer service is one way Target aims to ensure that the 80% of us walking around in the wrong sized bra can finally find the right fit at a reasonable price.  Part of this morning's session included a personal fitting session and I finally had to accept that I've been walking around in the wrong size for my entire pregnancy.... Fortunately, I now have a customer card giving me a range of sizes to choose according to the kind of bra I'm looking for.

It wasn't all about undergarments though.   Target is treading into DJs and Myer territory with a wider range of fragrance offerings.

I spotted a few of my favourites on display...  

Lingerie bag and kaftan,

There were lots of pretty, frilly pieces on display but the range that caught my eye was the shape wear.  Quite frankly, that's going to be my area of need in a few weeks.

Target has the exclusive Australian rights to Love Your Assets by Sara Blakely, a nicely priced range of shape wear that is a sister brand to the original Spanx label created by Blakely.  Love Your Assets offer a range of 'slimming levels' and include briefs, shorts. camisoles and tanks.  Items are available in black and nude with a price range of $24 (the briefs) to $46 (for high waisted, mid thigh shorts).

For men, new lines include these Rolling Stones pyjama sets.

All too soon, playtime at Target ended and I was sent of my way not only with my correct bra size but also a gift bag.

Which made me feel like I was a fashion magazine PR rather than a recreational Jill of all trades blogger.

Thank you Target for my new sunglasses for this summer as well as all the other lovely things.

I was a guest of Target Australia at today's launch and I thank them for their support of this blog.


  1. Oh I need to get involved with Target, I am one of their biggest customers! Seriously!
    What a fun morning! You are quite the lady of leisure now :) I love it!

  2. Looks like some great buys on offer. Thanks for sharing. G.x

  3. I need new underwear soooo bad! I am 100% sure my bra could be better fitted so I hope they bring this service to Brisbane!! Loving the shape wear tip too - good prices. L xx

  4. Looks like a lovely launch! The giftbag looks so nice too! :)

  5. I love Target! I went in tonight after seeing your post and picked up a few lovely Intimates pieces. They're great!

  6. i am terrified of being sized for a bra and won't do it.
    they always make me put on bras that i feel are too tight and i don't like it.

    glad to see target has increased their perfume range.

  7. Like everyone says, you forget it's even on! Super soft and comfy with enough support! Fits as you would want a bra to. Love it!


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