Nov 18, 2012

Wacky Weekend Weather. Heston's HIdden Clementine Pudding.

Gee it's been hard work keeping up with the weather in Sydney this weekend.

One minute there were warm dry spells which enable you to get outside for a brisk walk and commune with nature.

The next, you're held hostage indoor, peering outside and trying to guess how long the rain's going to go on for.

It didn't help that the hourly forecasts on my iPhone were just as indecisive as the skies.  But then again,  they should correlate shouldn't they if the weather app is as accurate as it is meant to be.  It just got too much for me, trying to plan my days by the hourly chance of rain so I decided to just plan for a weekend of indoor activities.

A coffee whilst catching up with some correspondence is always a good start to a weekend morning.  I'm amazed that I've never actually done this on any of my European sojourns.  It's such a stereotypical thing to do when abroad.  I must make amends the next time I'm in that part of the world.  And remember to bring a Moleskine and suitably arty post cards on which to write.

It wouldn't be the weekend without my pottering around the house doing token household chores in between some quality lounging in front of Foxtel.  I'm loving Lifestyle You's obsession with Travellers at the moment.  The accents, the fake tan, the eye makeup, the bedazzling.  It's a heady mix for a girl who's currently living in tracksuit bottoms and ponytails.

Regular reader Cindy gave me a brilliant idea about how to clean my Aldi Expressi machine a few months ago.  She recommended citric acid as a cheap, non toxic and effective alternative to commercial descaling solutions.  It's worked a treat, Cindy.  I put 2 tablespoons of citric acid in a full tank of water and used the cleanse function until empty.  Then I repeated with a tank full of plain filtered water.  Citric acid retails for around $2 at the supermarket and is found in the baking aisle.

Needless to say, wet weather means shopping and I managed to do a grand tour of the shopping centres in my neck of the woods over the last few days.  Friday was big name collaboration day.

There was quite a bit of the Roberto Cavalli for Target collection still available at the Chatswood store. In fact, it looked as if the whole range in a good variety of sizes was still in store.  I did try on the zebra print flats and whilst they are comfy and reasonably priced at $59, I had to leave them behind.  I'm haunted by the image of my overflowing shoe cupboard and the fact that I already own Lanvin flats and a pair of Louboutins who would both be considered cousins in the animal print family.

Heston for Waitrose goodies - the 6 pack of mince pies were $8 and the mini clementine pudding was $7.  The larger pudding with a hidden orange had sold out and stocks of the other two products were being depleted quickly.

My resolve didn't last long though.  When faced with the Heston Blumenthal Christmas collaboration with Waitrose (brought to Australia by Coles), resistance was futile.  My partner in crime, Miss Kitty-Cat and I both stocked up on the Puff Pastry Mince Pies and the Hidden Clementine Christmas Pudding.  The advertising at Coles was telling us both that the collection took Britain by storm last year and we weren't going to take any chances by delaying our purchases any longer.

Does it surprise you at all that my pudding got eaten as quickly as it did?  The clementine pudding serves two and can either be steamed the traditional way or microwaved if you're impatient like me.  The pudding depotted perfectly.  It was so moist and full of fruit however, that it fell apart the moment I cut it.

Traditionalists would have served the pudding with custard but I had some home made rum and raisin ice cream to finish off instead.  The pudding is amazing.  I'm not usually a fan of them but this one ticked all the boxes.  The fruit was plentiful and well soaked with a variety of alcohols so it was plump. There wasn't too much caky filler and the clementine really did imbue the rest of the pudding with a wonderful citrus taste.  It also smelled like Christmas should.

I'm not going to try the fruit mince pies until my mum and aunty arrive next week.  They're both huge mince pie fans and I know they'll both be interested in trying them with me.

Dress - BigW, beads - Red Phoenix Emporium, bangle - Forever 21, KL, bump 34w3d.

I got cabin fever today and dragged Mr SSG out for Sunday lunch.  Why is the horizontal stripe practically synonymous with maternity fashion?  It's not for me really question something that works but aren't horizontal stripes generally considered to be less flattering?  Anyway, this $20 Big W dress is incredibly comfortable and it's going to get a lot of wear in the next 5 or so weeks.  If the weather holds up.

Mr SSG had barbecued duck with noodles while I had what I always have, wonton noodle soup with extra vegetables.  It really is Chinese Penicillin.  I was feeling a bit blegh before lunch but now that the soup has worked its magic, I'm feeling like a member of the human race once more.

Nighties - Sussan, things - Cotton On.
Inspired by Blithely Unaware's very helpful hospital bag post, I've made a start on mine.  I'm going to be dressing for comfort and am proud to say that every item of clothing in my bag cost less than $20 or else were things I already own.  All I need to pack now are electronic devices, a coming home outfit for me and my snacks.  I also have to remember to locate the sushi bars nearest to the hospital so that I can tell Mr SSG where to go for to buy me lunch.

Hooded bath towels for babies - $14 each, face washers - $4 for a pack of 5.

We're down to the last few items on the baby shopping excel spread sheet and I have to thank Best & Less for coming through with the goods.  My local Big W appeared to be in the middle of a towel supply crisis and their racks were stripped bared when I tried them today.  I had much better luck at Best & Less.  It's been ages since I've visited a Best & Less store and I had no idea they had such a wide range of baby things at such great prices.  They'll be my first port of call the next time I need to stock up.

I'd better let you go.  It's Sunday evening after all.  There's dinner to be planned and Homeland to prepare yourselves for.  Have a lovely evening and may you have a great start to the week.


  1. Happy Sunday to you. Even happier since you don't have work looming ahead of you.
    The Heston Christmas pudding looks delicious. I think I will buy the fruit mince tarts this week

  2. Thank you for the mention doll!!!! LOVING the look of that soup AND the puddings! Kill meeeeeeee!!!

  3. I can't wait to crack into my Heston pudd! And I'm surprised my baby didn't come out looking like a wonton, after eating wonton soup almost daily in my third trimester. Extra folate-rich veggies makes it practically a pregnancy vitamin xxx

  4. Must get my hands on that pudding!! Looking lovely in your Faux Fuchsia Leo necklace and stripes as per usual. I love a baby belly in stripes! L xx

  5. Lisa @ Bithe MomentsNovember 19, 2012 at 2:42 PM

    Awesome cleaning tip. My other half is getting his coffee machine for his birthday on Wednesday. Clearly I needed your lunch yesterday. I felt blegh at lunch time and it lasted all afternoon which meant all I did was catch up on TV viewing, thank goodness for ABC's iView.

  6. You look SO beautiful!!! I love your dress and the bump in it.


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