Nov 27, 2012

Water and Watermelon. Reflections.

The humidity has been epic in Sydney these last few days.  Epic.  It's also brought along with it a host of first world problems including chronic bad hair and the need to get through three sets of clothing per day.  I seem to forget from one year to the next just how much energy humid weather saps out of you.  Heavy rains have come and gone but they've provided only temporary respite from that feeling of needing to be constantly under a cool shower.  I tried to replicate the cool shower thing by going for a swim and driving home with wet bathers and hair.  It worked, for a while.

Two things kept me alive in the weather.

That old standby, iced water with a twist of lemon.

And the better part of a seedless watermelon.

All that ice and cooling fruit must have done something because I think I just felt a bit of a cool breeze through the window.  I hope it stays around for the rest of the week because I've got a few things planned before I think I need to officially slow down and stay closer to home and the car.  It's going to be strange winding down just as everyone else is gearing up for the festive season but I'm sure I'll find things to keep myself occupied.

Seeing the Christmas lights and food at the shops this week has been surreal than in previous years.  December will be here in a matter of days and for the first time, Mr SSG and I have something (or should that be someone) bigger than the festivities and relaxing down time to consider.  I've made zero plans for the Christmas / New Year break except to arrange simple gifts for our immediate family.

I've also been reflecting on how different this December will be to last year.  Last year was all about getting away both physically and mentally.

I went off to Dubai early in the month and lost myself in the myriad of transposed experiences within the glittering buildings that appear like mirages in the heat and the dust.

Christmas itself saw Mr SSG and myself go to Wolgan Valley to soak up the resort's natural beauty and its seclusion from city life.

This year, our wings will be clipped and that desire to escape no longer exists.
I've been fascinated by Grace Coddington since watching her steal the show in The September Issue.  Grace just seems for earthy and human than her colleague Anna W.  Grace has just released her memoir (linking to an excerpt as published in The Guardian recently) and I'm curious to read what her take is on the change in fashion journalism with the advent of bloggers and the supersonic speed of news transmission through social networking sites.  I'm planning to make a start on it tonight and I'll report back.

That's it from me today.  Shortish post as it's been a long day already.

Take care and talk again soon.


  1. Any plans for Costco before you starting nesting....still need to get there and wondering if it has any worthwhile baby supplies?

  2. Feeling for you in this humidity. I had it easy being pregnant last summer, think I had one 40+ day ( not complaining). Make sure your Sat plans include AC - it's going to be 41!!! Eek!

  3. Oh I think I want that memoir for Xmas, seems like a great read. When are you due SSG?? December shall be an excellent month indeed!

  4. Oh lordy - the humidity KILLS ME. And I'm not even pregnant! In that regard I am so glad G was an October baby. And last summer was quite cool comparatively. Take care, rest up and keep imbibing lots of fluids!

    K xx

  5. Thanks for the blurb on Grace. Yes she is very earthly in comparison. And seemed to be a good balance to Anna W.
    Get used to not travelling for ages. Yes it can be done but lord it's epic.


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