Nov 11, 2012

What Would Hillary Do? A Dumpling Coma.

I don't know about you but looking for a new car is the one kind of shopping I loathe.  Mr SSG and I started out early on Saturday and even had the foresight to bring Baby SSG's pram along to see how it would fit in various types of car.  I'm a bit worried that it took my half an hour to dismantle the pram, actually.  Do people's pram times improve with experience?  We did find a car that could accommodate the entire Bugaboo in the boot.  As opposed to the current situation where the base fits in my boot while the bassinet has to go on the back seat..

Then we had to actually buy the car.

The dealership's fancy drinks fridge and coffee machine were much appreciated but failed to ease my pain.  Not only is there the terror of driving someone else's new car, there's the fact that the test drives invariably occur on unfamiliar winding roads chosen to set off the car's handling and drive to their best advantage.  As a person who's most comfortable on the M4 and surrounding industrial sized highways, the winding and congested (but very pretty) roads of Rushcutter's Bay and the east in general make me clench my teeth as I clutch the steering wheel in a modified brace position.

After surviving the test drive and returning the car unharmed, there was the 2 hours of negotiation.  You can't just walk away from a car yard on a Saturday morning these days.  If the dealer hasn't borrowed your drivers licence for a security check pre test drive, they've got your credit card (presumably for a credit check).  Then there's all the hyper-vigilant listening as you try not to trap yourself in their endlessly rephrased questions.  It's guaranteed migraine material.  The final price was agreed on, T's & C's (wish this meant Tiffany's but sadly not) documented, hands were shaken and the deposit paid.  Thank goodness it's all done and we won't be having to do it again for a very long time.
I found out this week that Hillary Clinton is resigning as the US Secretary of State.  I wonder what her plans are for the future?  Will a presidential campaign for 2016 be in the works?  Mrs Clinton is someone I admire greatly, she has to be The Boss of all bosses.  She does her job admirably and is always so poised and articulate.  She's also the subject of a series of memes involving fictitious texts she was meant to have sent her White House colleagues.

Even though I failed to channel Hillary's resolve and steeliness at the car dealership, I did think of her when we got around to finalising the details of the new car.  It's a black SUV with tinted windows.  Very reminiscent of the vehicles you often see accompanying senior White House representatives as they go about their daily business.  All that's missing are the American flags, bullet proofing and a motorcade.

I wonder if the symbolism will be as potent without these.  The SSG SUV is to be fitted out with a reverse facing car seat, various stuffed toys and a hopefully calm baby who likes being a passenger.  I have drawn the line at putting those family stick figure decals on the rear window.
I wonder if Rhonda and Ketut over at AAMI will help me out with the car insurance.  Might give them a call this week if they're both back from Bali.

As a little reward for a deal well done, we braved the Saturday lunchtime chaos that is the Chatswood Chase car park in search of dumplings at New Shanghai.  We emerged from the car park half an hour later to join the queue for a table.  No wonder I was so drained from the day.  

The food at New Shanghai did not disappoint.  Mr SSG and I sat speechless for half an hour as we ate.... and ate.

Stir fried bean sprouts.

Pan fried crab meat and pork buns.

Wonton soup.

Shallot pancakes.

The resultant dumpling coma was so intense that the only logical thing to do when we got home was to take very long naps.

Have a lovely evening and talk to you soon.


  1. The dismantling time of the Camy does get better with practice. The one thing that seems to take a lot of skill is actually folding the base out when you put it together. That's why I am such a fan of the Bee - it's a one piece fold and I can now collapse it and swing it into the Volvo one handed. Whilst still holding G. Pro or what!

    At least the car buying is behind you now! I hope the pick up is soon!

    K xx

  2. PS: We are a huge NSD fan in our house!!

  3. You will get quicker at folding the Camy in time.

    Driving a smaller sized car (not quite as small as yours it seems) I soon learnt the best way to pack the Camy in the boot was to put the base in, then the frame slotted nicely between the safety bar on the seat. The basket was discarded a long time ago.

    So what kind of car did you get? We're talking about a new car, and I am sussing out everyone else to see what they get.

  4. Your post reminds me of being a new mum with a two-door Hyundai excel as the family car. Yikes! Needless to say we had a very compact (but adorable) pram. xx

  5. I am giggling that you bought the customary black SUV once they have a baby.
    Can't wait to see pics :) And i'm glad that stress is over, hope you got a good price! :)

  6. Lisa @ Bithe MomentsNovember 12, 2012 at 1:12 PM

    Ahh the stick figure family. I can't believe how popular they are, and in particular I can't believe all the ones where people now include stick figures with wings and a halo, I'm guessing meaning they have died!

    Well done on the car shopping, it is always stressful. But that yum cha was a brilliant way to make up for it!

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