Dec 5, 2012

Mostly Clean Living. Mix Apparel.

It was one of those clean living mornings.

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and I was in between them, power waddling.

The thing about power waddling is that it burns calories.  Probably not as many as in this sandwich but I was starving by the time I got home.  It's definitely not the most photogenic thing to ever meet two slices of wholemeal toast but believe me, peanut butter, mashed banana and a bit of honey  tastes almost as good as a breakfast almond croissant.  And I didn't even fry my sarnie, Elvis style.  I can't imagine how good the fried version would taste.

#decfoodphotos Day 5 - upside down

Then Mr SSG and I had to go and do the grocery shopping.  While he was eating his pizza, I took a photo of his cup of coffee for the #decfoodphotos challenge on Instagram.  I've become a bit of an Instragram addict and the photo challenges are my favourite thing to plan for each day.  I've really been enjoying seeing how other people interpret the challenges as well.

True to my clean food (or should that be #cleanfood) goal for the day, I had lunch after we got home.  More cous cous.  Today I mixed it up a little with some avocado.  Keeping me company at lunch was JLo via the cover of Australian InStyle January 2013 (!! Already?!?!).  The notes explaining her cover look alluded to the fact that she had a club sandwich and french fries prepared for her on the day of the shoot.  The question is did JLo herself actually eat this or did she have something super foody like cous cous and avocado instead?

The thing about maternity leave before your baby is born is that there's all this time at your disposal.  Sure you might not be as free range mobile as you were when you were working but that's immaterial when the world is just a Kindle or iPad away.  The world that's an iPad away is proving to be my downfall right now.

I've finally discovered Coles' online clothing operation Mix Apparel.  Mix is also sold in selected stores however most of these stores appear to be in regional centres.  The label caters to the entire family at some very nice prices indeed.  Shipping is usually $8 but there are often Fly Buy codes offering free delivery.  Which is how I came to make my first order earlier this week.

I only needed to order a cardigan for Baby SSG.  For some reason, though everyone tells you that cardigans are great for newborns, many stores don't seem to stock them for baby boys.  Perhaps it's the season or perhaps it's because they're too grandpa for the fashionable infants of 2012 but I've been hunting high and low for them for months without much success.

From the Mix baby boy range - LS cotton cardigan $15, LS hoodie - $10.
Needless to say, I got a bit carried away.  The free shipping offer was for orders from the children's range totalling over $30.  The cotton cardigan I needed was $15 so I had a bit more to spend in order to save. So I caved and bought Baby SSG his first hoodie.  To go with his leggings, track pants and very cool shoes that he has been gifted by his aunties across the country.

Mix baby boy cargo shorts - $8 a pair.
And then I realised that it does actually get pretty hot in summer and that I hadn't bought him any shorts.  Which is how these cargo shorts went into my basket.  All the baby clothes I bought were labelled as being made from cotton only and they are also all machine wash.  I've put the whole lot through the front loader this morning and there hasn't been any colour run or shrinkage.  They'll only be needing a light iron by the looks of things so all in all, I'm pretty happy with the quality.  Sizing does look generous.  I bought 000 which is the smallest size available online.

But of course the shopping didn't end there.  I've been curious about the women's range after seeing bloggers like Melissa at Suger Coat It work Mix into their wardrobes with pizzaz.  I decided not to chance it by trying to see if the day clothes would work with the bump so I had a look at the pyjamas and lounge wear instead.  My buys didn't show the cut of the garments well so I've borrowed these images from the website.

Both my items are made of viscose / elastane which gave them a soft and drapy feel.  Both machine washed well with minimal creasing.  I went up a size and even then, sizing is very generous and bump friendly.
Knit crop pant $15

The waist of the crop pants made it well over my bump with room to spare.
Short sleeve shirt dress - $12

Whilst the short sleeve shirt dress didn't ride too high and had lots of room around the waist and hips.  The neck isn't too low and the sleeves sit just off the shoulder.

I'm very tempted to give both these pieces a go as day wear to be honest...

A day is a very long time to be eating #cleanfood alone.  Which is why a batch of Kahlua brownies is now baking in the oven.  May the alcohol evaporate with the baking and the anti-oxidants in the dark chocolate do their thing.

Take care and happy hump day to you!


  1. Yesterday I read that COus cous is no healthier than eating cake.
    You may as well eat cake.
    The baby clothes are soooo cute. I can't wait to meet him x

  2. Those clothes are super cute! Kahlua brownies sounds sooooo delicious!!


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