Dec 17, 2012

Single Digit Madness Has Commenced.

Well, it's less than 10 days until quite a few key dates - Christmas, the end of my credit card billing cycle and ... Baby SSG's estimated due date / EDD.  In no particular order.  There's no denying it but once I hit a single digit number of days in a count down, frenzied activity is sure to follow.

I got the gift wrapping out of the way early.  I have this clever colour coded wrapping system going.  All the gifts for adults get wrapped in gold paper whilst children's gifts get wrapped in vivid colours.  My little nephew is coming over from Perth tonight and I can't wait to see him again.  We are going out for a long and excessive family lunch tomorrow and he is going to be the centre of attention.

My nephew will have quite a hectic schedule when he touches down in Sydney.  After a few event filled days in the city, he's off to visit grandparents down the coast.  I hope he gets a chance to squeeze in a bit of fishing in his down time.  I had a sneaky test run with this Oskar & Ellen fishing set from babyshop that is part of his Christmas gift.  It seems to have sold out at the moment  but there are so many other cute soft toy play sets to choose from ( is also where that sushi play set of mine Baby SSG's came from).  I am patiently waiting for the pizza dinner set (complete with beverages) and the fruit and veg sets to be restocked.

babyshop was also the source for the newest chair in our lounge room - this Baby Bjorn bouncer.  It's also the most colourful piece of furniture we own, thanks to the detachable Dali-esque toy bar that I'm hoping won't freak Baby SSG out too much when he first sees it.

This set of Uncle Goose alphabet blocks from Pottery Barn Kids (another place my credit card is obsessed with) was a sight for sore eyes.  Not only for their retro good looks but more importantly for the fact that being wooden and 'classic', no batteries are required for their use.  I don't know if you've had to discover this for yourself yet but inserting batteries into children's toys isn't the care free 'pop open a cover and line the batteries up in the direction of the coils and diagrams in the cavity' it was 20 years ago.  You still get to do all of that but only after you've unscrewed the cover over the cover in two places.  Which of course can only happen if you have a tiny screw driver handy in your well maintained and organised household tool kit.

In other Baby SSG news, the linen and soft toys are officially out.

Monkeys have taken over his cot.

My Macbook has had a brain freeze whilst trying to complete this post. $69 and an hour on the phone to Apple HQ hasn't helped thing along.

Blogger for iPad is tedious. I'm trying to type this in html format and this isn't helping my headache. Hope what I wrote before these last few sentences makes sense.

Will be back when technology permits.


  1. That monkey mobile is really cute!
    Love the gift wrapping!


  2. The cot looks great and the monkeys have taken over! :)

  3. Lisa @ Blithe MomentsDecember 18, 2012 at 1:08 PM

    Oh exciting times! I always miss the 10 days to go part, all of a sudden we seem to go from ages to 3 days . My 3 days are till a 1,000km drive. Still not sure if I'm excited or nervous.

  4. Love the retro bricks - they look like so much fun!

  5. Really pretty photos. :)

    Yes it is true, once you have a babybjorn bouncer it kinda occupies the room. We've had our BabyBjorn Bouncer for around 5 years now but it was used before so it is around 10 years old. It is still an attention grabber for our guests. :)


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