Dec 15, 2012

Sitting Around. Meatballs At Ikea. MakeUpMisers.

Sitting down with a cuppa and watching the world go by as I catch up on the news is officially my favourite way to pass the time these days.

Brunch with added Gangnam style.
Going paperless and reading the newspaper online has been liberating.  It's been a few weeks since I made the switch and I haven't missed the physicality of turning a page (or eating a meal on top of them) as much as I thought I would.  I've now able to access a much wider range of news sources in the time it used to take me to get through one print newspaper.

I'm also loving car wash cafes and how they enable me to simultaneously sit back, relax and get the car cleaned.  Aside from a sparkling clean car, the week was good to me in many other ways.

Medium serve of meatballs and mash - $8.95.

I had my first plate of meatballs and mash at Ikea.  At the risk of being disloyal, Ikea mash gives my favourite KFC version a bit of a run for its money.   To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the addition of ligonberry jam to the meatballs, mash and gravy.  If our freezer wasn't full of my batch cooking efforts, I would have taken a bag of meatballs home with me.  But at least I now have an excuse to return to Ikea with Baby SSG in tow.  Oh, the places he and I will go.

Apple tart - $4.50.

Stodge begets stodge so I had to have dessert after my meatballs.  The apple tart's pastry was a bit dry but the texture and buttery taste was a good contrast for the sweetness of the apple filling.  There was also a respectable ratio of apple piece to sauce in the filling.

Hand knit cardigan - Red Phoenix Emporium, blue hoodie - Mix Baby, blue cardi - Mix Baby (both available online).  Hangers - $4.95 for 5 at Ikea.

Suitably nourished, I navigated the maze of departments and impressed myself by only having one thing in my bag at the check out.  A set of wooden hangers for Baby SSG.

Skirt - $35 (reduced), top (suitable for feeding) - $25.  Both from Target.
One for baby turned out to mean several for me.  Target, you've come to my rescue again with your range of maternity tops and bottoms.  And the deal was even sweeter with 20% off the skirts and shorts.

I've reached that awkward stage in the pregnancy.  Practically all the maternity clothes I own were geared towards the work appropriate end of the spectrum leaving me with very few summer casual options to get me through the final weeks and possibly a very long fourth trimester (there were tears in the changeroom trying to squeeze into things without falling over resorting to pulling things on whilst lying on the cubicle floor...).  At the same time, I'm trying not to go overboard with too many pricy pieces.

Yay!!!  An outfit that actually resembles what I normally wear in summer.  For $60!!  
In addition to this skirt and top, I bought a few pairs of shorts including a denim pair (that made my day finding those) and some colourful Ts.  Everything has washed well and is ready to go.  I'm all set for summer in clothes that fit comfortably.

Target and I were both having fond thoughts for each other on Friday because the lovely ladies in PR sent me this lovely gift and it arrived just after I got home with my Target haul.  I've not tried anything from Napolean's Set range before so I'm looking forward to trialling the tinted lip balm.

Do you do this at your place as well?  Leave bottles at funny angles to get to that very last drop of product out of a container?  Well, we're not alone.  I was reading this article from The Wall Street Journal about how a lot of thought goes into designing product containers to enable consumers to get that very last drop out of them.  The furthest I go is tipping containers upside down or cutting a tube open but have you heard of MakeUpMisers?

They're a nifty set of spatulas that you use to make sure that not a molecule of your lotions and potions goes to waste.  I think they're scientifically proven to pick up more product than your fingertip and they're probably more hygienic too.  It's just more fun using your fingers...


  1. You look like you're ready to pop! Baby clothes look even cuter on the baby hangers.

    I bought a bag of the meatballs from Ikea and surprisingly did not like them as much as from the food hall. I don't even know why considering they're the exact same product...

  2. I do love Ikea's meatballs...more than I love Ikea that's for sure!

  3. Oh my gosh, you're ready to pop, how exciting! I adore the meatballs, mash, gravy and lingonberry sauce. So good. We ate it at the one in Palo Alto a few weeks back, mmm.

  4. Lisa @ Blithe MomentsDecember 17, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    I've always got things propped at odd angles to get the last drops out. S has now been trained to watch out because they will fall at the slightest touch. Those mini spatulas look awesome though.

    You look awesome in that shot by the way. Love it.


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