Dec 7, 2012

Things Worth Getting Out of Bed For.

It looks as if KFC's mashed potato and gravy and I are back on again.

We were such good friends back in the first trimester, we just had to reunite at 37 weeks - for old times' sake and a chance for me to feel somewhat human, if only for a few hours each day.  I've been pretty lucky in the morning sickness stakes for most of this pregnancy but it looks like my time has come.  I'm plagued by all day nausea at the moment and a magnetic attraction to the sofa.  It's just as well I'm on leave and that I took advantage of that burst of energy I had a few weeks back.

While Linda Evangelista may not have gotten out of bed for less than $10 000, I am happy to say that I have managed to drag myself out of bed for things that cost a whole lot less but have been priceless at the same time.

This toasted ham and cheese croissant for brunch tasted so much better after I earned it surviving the morning peak hour, city bound.

The chance to see early morning reflections on the river I walk to most mornings.

Getting to say hello to our Australia Post delivery guy as he dropped of some early morning gifts.

An emergency order of onesies and kimono jackets for Baby SSG.

Going to Galapagos 3 bracelet set ($59 AUD)  and Birds of a Feather necklace ($159 AUD) - both by Red Phoenix Emporium.

And my order from Red Phoenix Emporium's latest collection, Nature in Neon.  With a lovely note from Willow and Lotus enclosed.

Having a cup of tea and reading the good news that Kate's out of hospital and looking well.  That happy yellow bouquet and the way her outfit matched her husband's made me smile.  It's good to know that being colour co-ordinated with your other half happens to couples from all walks of life.

I found myself some festive stars courtesy of these Ikea lanterns in the She Shed.  I really do need to get a bit of Christmas gear up around the house.  There's only 18 days until Christmas Day!

And last but not least. I'm glad I got out of bed to put together a few words for the blog.  I've been wondering about what will happen to the blog when Baby SSG arrives in a few short weeks.  Will I have the time, the energy or most importantly anything to write about?

Well, it's a bit late to be getting cold feet about my life as a new mother who blogs.  My official blog business cards arrived in the post this week.  And with them the promise of a 2013 filled with new blogging adventures as a stay at home mother of one.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I hope to be back firing on most of my cylinders very soon.


  1. Gorgeous business cards! I love the zebra pattern detailing.

    I'm also loving those lanterns, I saw some at kmart which I'm very tempted to buy to put candles in :)

  2. Looking forward to following the SSG journey into next year! So glad you love your necklace and thank you for being such a lovely supporter of Red Phoenix Emporium. Cute cards! L xx

  3. Hope that you are feeling much better soon. Have been following you for some time now but haven't commented so far. You have a lovely blog and I hope that you are able to keep it up once the new baby arrives. You might need to speak to FF's people and get some tips on keeping all your balls in the air at once!!
    Love Cindy F

  4. Thank you Mica! I'm on the mend.

    SSG xxx

  5. Hello Cindy

    A little bit of zebra in your life always makes things cheerier. The lanterns are great when lit in summer.

    SSG xxx

  6. Hello Cindy F

    Thanks for your lovely comment. I will definitely get in touch with FF.

    Take care

    SSG xxx

  7. So will we be treated to photos of SSBaby? I do hope so.

  8. Lisa @ Blithe MomentsDecember 10, 2012 at 12:37 PM

    My other half and I wore identical outfits on Saturday which was a complete coincidence as we got dressed in different rooms (we have too many clothes to fit into one room) and then neither of us could be bothered getting changed. It did look rather hilarious.

    I would suggest that you put yourself under no pressure to blog, especially in the first few weeks after Baby SSG's arrival. You will find time and inspiration but follow the advice given to all new mothers (and which they all ignore) to be kind and just let the not so important stuff slide.


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