Jan 16, 2013

And the Nominees Are...

Well, it's the award season again and I was there in front of the television watching the Golden Globes 2013 live from the comfort of the sofa on Monday.  Weren't Amy Poehler and Tina Fey the perfect choices as co hosts?  Their dry wit and ability to get away with comments that bordered on character assassinations of some of the nominees were a pleasant change to the hosting approaches of past choices.  They also looked fabulous too.

Nominee wise, Jessica Chastain's ice blue Calvin Klein gown was my favourite for the night.  It's been a while since we've heard much from the CK empire.  After all the hype surrounding the fragrances, jeans and underwear of the 90s....

Gee Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss looked so young way back when.....

Congratulations also to Jessica for winning best actress on the night.

In the real world of SSG Manor, nominations for the most used household appliances of the year have closed.  Runner up is the cordless kettle for its role in my cuppas and bottle heating.

An honourable mention goes to the tea and coffee shelf in the pantry for its role in association with the kettle.  By the way, that new Caramel Moccona coffee smells fabulous.  There's not much caramel taste in the coffee but the aroma more than makes up for this.

Our Bosch front loader - dressed by Target, Best and Less, Big W and Ikea.   All the big names when you're living with a newborn....
No prizes for guessing who took out the top prize.  Our trusty front loader washing machine.  You have no idea how many outfit and linen changes we're getting through these days.  Thank goodness its summer and the multiple daily loads line dry within a day.

The lovely ladies at Target Australia's PR department must have heard our washing machine from where they are because they sent me a lovely hamper of Target baby things this week.  This week is also the start of a 2 week catalogue sale of all things baby.

Target cotton singlets and short sleeved bodysuits.
 I'm a big fan of Target cotton bodysuits already.  They wash so well and are well priced.  They're also incredibly cute and come in a wide range of colours and designs.  a 5 pack of bodysuits is $25 and the singlets are $7 for a pack of 3.

Target muslin wraps and bibs.
Muslin wraps are a necessity and the more the merrier.  For swaddling, feeding, providing shade over the hood of a pram and even to drape over yourself whilst breastfeeding - I've got quite a collection already.  Target's range are currently on sale at $7.50 for a pack of 3 (50% off) and the designs are a Target exclusive.  They're 120cm by 120cm and 100% cotton.

The current sale of 20% off all children's and baby's clothing runs until January 31 2013.  So run don't walk!  There's also 20% off nursery toys as well.  I'm a bit impartial to a Fisher Price soundtrack myself these days so I think I'll have no problem finding myself Baby SSG a new toy or two when I go shopping this week....

SSG thanks Target Australia for their sponsorship of this post.


  1. This post was so funny! I really have to get me some of that Moccona coffee....

    awmygod I love looking at baby clothes. These posts make me so damn clucky.

    Calm down Michaela...you still have plenty of time


  2. Nice haul! I must say though that Target isn't what it used to be for quality and value. I rarely shop there anymore.

    Hope baby is settling in well to SSG Manor.

    TDM xx

  3. Love your gifts from Target :)
    Tell me, Golden Globes speaking, did Isla Fisher and Amy Adams look like the same person?
    Hole you're all well x


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