Jan 26, 2013

Australia Day and British Guilty Pleasures.

Happy Australia Day!

Ita Buttrose is such a deserving recipient of the honour of being Australian of the Year for 2013.  In addition to her trail blazing early career as founding editor of Cleo and then editor of The Australian Women's Weekly, Ita is now a very powerful and eloquent advocate for the rights and health issues of elderly Australians.  I admire her for leading such a productive life away from the glamour of publishing and championing a cause that many may feel isn't as glamorous or headline grabbing as perhaps cancer or children's health.  I'm not detracting from either of these causes but it's wonderful to have such a passionate and influential voice speaking on behalf of a segment of our population who are often forgotten and for whom less than optimal outcomes have been accepted as part of the 'natural course of getting old'.

I haven't been as patriotic with my food choices today as I could have been.  The Vegemite stayed in the pantry this morning whilst I had a couple of mini pain au chocolat for breakfast.  At least I had a kangaroo and the Australian flag on my google homepage.

Saturday morning coffees have a whole new look these days.  In my sleep deprived state, I think I did pretty well making sure that the right people had the appropriate drinking vessel brought to their lips.

It's been too humid to throw a shrimp on the barbie so I had a very retro prawn cocktail for lunch the other day.

It wouldn't be Australia Day without a nod to our origins as a British colony.  Rather than take you back to social studies, I'm going to go off an a tangent but still keep it British.

I haven't been down at the beach working on my tan or even faking it at home.  Instead, I have been living vicariously through Amy Childs as she goes about her life in front of the cameras on 'It's All About Amy'.  Amy's a natural for reality television.  For all the apparent superficiality of her life, you can't hate her.  She loves her family and helps them as much as they do her, she's proud of who she is and where she came from and she just seems to have so much fun with her fans and her work.  We will always agree to disagree about clothes and make up but I am in awe of her fake tan and French manicured acrylics...

My other British guilty pleasure that I need to 'fess up about today is the Daily Mail.  I have the iPad app and I read it religiously every morning over breakfast.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this paper cops a fair bit of flak in the UK but that's not enough to make me stop reading it.  From celebrity gossip to convenient bullet pointed summaries of the more news orientated stories, it's the perfect bit of tabloid escapism for first thing in the morning.  The thing is, there are actually some pretty interesting stories and nuggets of factual journalism in the mix.

Well, that's all from me today, folks.  Have a lovely long weekend in this beautiful and lucky country of ours.


  1. Happy Australia Day SSG :) Have a great weekend :)

  2. Happy Aust Day.. And.. most imptly are those yummy prawn cocktails from Costco?

  3. Happy Australia Day ... and yes, I'm addicted to the Daily Mail too, my guilty pleasure is to read the readers' comments!

  4. Happy Australia day to you dear SSG and your family. Gosh your
    little boy is so sweet!
    Yes am thrilled to bits that Ita has received the recognition she
    so deserves. We watched the awards ceremony last night as it had particularly relevance
    to my family. The older Australian of the year Professor Ian Maddocks was my
    late mother in law's palliative care specialist and also taught my husband at
    Med school. My darling father in law was interviewed about Professor Maddocks
    as he himself is being treated at the hospital where Professor Maddocks
    consults. The video montage became a poignant reminder as images
    of my FIL gentle face filled the screen as his own life ebbs away.
    I read the Guardian and the Telegraph everyday but my first call is always to the side bar of the Daily Mail. I never miss a day!
    Kate Bx

  5. Fully with you on Ita and her pushing the aged care agenda - the whole children and cancer thing is valid but gets a lot more money and attention than aged care.
    Plus she has a very intelligent glint in her eye and I admire her dedication to matching lippy and nail polish.

    Re: baby ssg - this blog probably documents the tip of the iceberg but you sound like you are doing great xx


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