Jan 31, 2013

Easter's Arrived Early. Red Eggs.

I couldn't let January slip by without at least one comment about how early hot cross buns appear at the supermarket these days....  We've still got a couple of months to go but the eggs and buns are already making their presence felt at Coles.  Not that I'm complaining, I'm planning to stock up the freezer with chocolate hot cross buns over the next little while.

The cross cultural, cross celebration use of Easter egg colouring...

Not that I'm in any position to judge the shops about getting stuck into Easter traditions early.  I've made some red eggs using traditional easter egg colouring to celebrate Baby SSG's One Month Celebration Banquet.  The tradition marks a baby's first month of life with red eggs and parcels of food given to relatives and friends.  Some families also use ginger as part of the event.

Colouring the eggs was really easy.  All that's needed in addition to the dye powder is cold water, vinegar and salt.  I add a match to the pot to prevent the egg shells from cracking.

Hard boil as you usually do and then drain the water from the pot and leave the eggs to cool.

To get a glossy sheen on the egg shells, polish each egg with a soft cloth soaked in oil.

The eggs are given out with parcels of food.  Even numbers of eggs signify a baby boy and odd numbers a baby girl.  The significance of the numbers is that they are a kind of wish that the baby will get married when they're older.

One month is a long time in a baby's life.

Decisions, decisions....
You're old enough to go grocery shopping and you instinctively know where the fun things are.

Gangnam Style arms and an almost successful attempt at escaping from the high chair...

You have your own chair at the dining table and you actually quite enjoy sitting there for a few minutes whilst your parents have breakfast.

Kicking back and watching the world go by....

And you're just a little more comfortable with all that space that now surrounds you.  Compared to what you had a month ago, it must feel as if you're floating in zero gravity at times.

Here's to many, many more exciting months to come.


  1. So tiny and perfect! Can't believe Baby SSG is one month old already! xx

  2. Baby SSG is so cute!
    I can't believe Easter stuff is out already! I can't get over how many eggs, chocolates, chickens etc i've seen!

  3. Easter is scary as ill probably have a baby by Easter. Eeeeek.

  4. Love those little rockers.
    :) Red eggs are so traditional.

  5. Babby SSG looks dapper in his high chair sitting at the table with the grown-ups. I adore those red eggs! I hope my better half will want to carry on the tradition.

    I was surprised when I saw the hot cross buns out but won't complain as they are a favourite.

  6. Happy one month old, baby SSG! I didn't know that the red eggs were wiped with an oil dipped cloth, they look so nice & glossy here. We took the easy route out and gave people KFC vouchers, lol

  7. I can't believe my break from the blogosphere meant I missed out on BSSG's entry to the world. Congratulations! In America, Easter stuff isn't out yet because they're focusing on Superbowl and Valentine's Day but I am sure the very next day the stores will be full of Eater goodness - thought I don't think they do hot cross buns here, the horror!

  8. I was really interested to hear about your tradition. It sounds so sweet.

  9. Loving the fact that Easter stuff are out! Malteser Bunnies here I come :)

    btw, love the blue spotted pattern of Baby SSG's high chair!

  10. Lisa @ Blithe MomentsFebruary 2, 2013 at 1:37 PM

    One month already! How exciting and what lovely traditions. I'm attempting to hold off on hot cross bun purchasing until lent, we will see if I manage it this year.


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