Jan 12, 2013

Saturday Morning. The First Week Home.

I know.  The blog these days is more baby than Sydney or shop.  I'm hoping to resume regular programming at some stage but at the moment, it's babies 24/7 in my world.

In the meantime, does this food photo count?  I had a hot breakfast this morning.  A toasted croissant and a cup of coffee.  And what's more, no reheating was involved.  I can attest to the fact that a cup of white tea can still be drinkable after being reheated in the microwave twice.  Coffee needs to be drunk more urgently so tepid is still fine, in my book.

We're off to a cracking start to Saturday here at SSG Manor.  I've done my first feed of the morning dawn, had that breakfast and am now sitting down at my laptop enjoying a bit of time alone with my thoughts as the baby sleeps through the sounds of Saturday morning in the suburbs.  Birds are chirping, the thuds and shudders of the washing machine and dishwasher have reached their crescendos and through it all, he sleeps.

It was only a week ago that he looked like this.

When his eyes shut, the horizontal lines they made were about the thickness of a line made by a newly sharpened pencil.  These days, the lines have thickened more to a biro mark.  There's serious strength in those paws these days when they grip at things.

These photos were taken when he was about 3 days old at the hospital.  The hospital's photographer was a seasoned professional.  The whole shoot wrapped in under 10 minutes.

The feet I held last week are hoofing it up in some basic yoga poses these days.....

It's been a week today since we returned home and besides the trick about microwaving cups of tea, I've learned a few things to make our days more settled.

I've not even gone near nail clippers and am using these emery boards to file the baby's nails.

Everything for bath time goes in a caddy so I don't have to fumble for things once I've drawn the bath water at the right temperature.  That blue bath thermometer in the shape of a flower makes judging the water temperature a breeze.  Especially when you don't trust your own elbows.

Fortunately, Baby SSG loves sleeping in that hospital bassinet I hired.  The bed section is doubling up as a change table for the moment and it's handy being able to wheel him to different rooms around the house.

Well that's all the news from these parts for now.  I'm off to live life vicariously through my emergency supply of gossip magazines.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Rach aka Stinkb0mbJanuary 12, 2013 at 9:16 AM

    Good to see that you're settling into motherhood so well!! x

  2. Aww such cute photos! Glad you are starting to settle into a routine :)

  3. Heavenly IngredientsJanuary 12, 2013 at 1:46 PM

    congrats to you! Even with number 2 I don't think I wrote as much as an email in weeks!
    We have the flower thermometer - it's travelled the world with us, and I also put it where baby sleeps when I'm worried that it's getting too warm (like Tuesday for example!!!)

  4. He is divine and I am so happy for you!!!!! You deserve this xxxx

  5. He is absolutely gorgeous. And yes, how I remember those tepid cups of tea in the early days! xx

  6. He is absolutely perfect. You must be one proud mumma!

  7. Love the black and whites! He is so adorable!

    I still can't remember what a hot cup of tea tastes like. Delicious I'm sure, but cold is all I seem to drink now!

    I still don't cut Georgie's nails. Filing is the way to go. She is too much of a wrigglepuss to sit still for the required 60 seconds.

    K xxx

  8. I don't cut Orlando's nails either, just peel them off... they are so, so soft. xox

  9. The photos of your boy are great, he looks so beautiful! xxx

  10. Lisa @ Blithe MomentsJanuary 14, 2013 at 1:22 PM

    Gosh he is a cutie! Well done on getting through week 1. And I'm sure you will get to have a hot cup of tea again, it might just be in a year or so's time.

  11. What a beautiful boy!

  12. I've not been on blogger for a while but I'm so happy to hear you've had your little boy and all's well. He's a lucky chap to have you as a mum, and I know you'll allbe so happy! xxx


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