Jan 9, 2013

The Heat. Out and About.

How are we all bearing up in the wake of yesterday's heat in Sydney?  Did you feel as wilted as your pot plants?  Did the ice cubes for your drinks submit to the heat in a matter of seconds?  Was the only saving grace of the day being able to come home and have a shower before bed and drying off with towels so hot they could have been warmed for you as if you were at a fancy day spa?

It was the kind of day best spent indoors with the blinds drawn and the air conditioner on day and night.  Things didn't improve much overnight with the temperatures not moving far from 38C.  It was one of those unusual nights where I spent a great deal of time rechecking the official temperature for the suburb on my iPhone, just to make sure it wasn't just my me that felt like I was being dry roasted.

Speaking of dry roasted, have you seen the new flavoured coffees from Moccona at the supermarket?  I discovered them today at Woolworths.  In addition to being back on the barista brewed coffee bandwagon, I've also rediscovered my taste for a Moccona in the morning.  It was a tough battle between the hazelnut and caramel flavours but in the end, caramel found itself into my trolley.

Shorts - Target Maternity, top - Kmart Maternity, bag - Louis Vuitton, shopping bag - Waitrose.  Yeah, still in my maternity clothes.....
The trip to Woolies was actually a pretty big step for me.  It was my first solo mission to the shops post baby.  I was a mama running on military time from the moment I hit the shopping centre, managing to complete my list of jobs in record time.

Monday morning was our first trip out as a family.  After a rocky start with technical issues involving the pram and the car seat, things went relatively smoothly.  We were out Lane Cove way and stopped off at Pablo & Rusty's.  They seem to be a huge hit with the locals and in addition to the standard coffees, do some cold brews as well.

Across from the cafe is an astroturfed area surrounded by benches and covered by sun shades.  It seemed to be the unofficial local meeting point for parents with prams.  I'll have to remember this for the future because Baby SSG wasn't having any of this coffee in the park business.  While he seems to love being driven in the car, he currently hates being pushed in his pram.  I have to admit, his car seat does look more comfortable.

However, there was no way I was going home without some sushi (I think it's going to take as long as I was pregnant to wean myself off this compulsive sushi buying behaviour).  So, we had our coffees as we walked over to a local sushi bar and waited for our order on the sidewalk as we alternated between sipping and jiggling the pram.

It's a steep learning curve leaving the house with a newborn but I think we're all up to the challenge.  Our next goal is to go out for dinner together.  I'm not sure how long this will take, though or where we will go.  But I'm sure it will be another adventure.


  1. Glad you had air con to cope with the heat, sounds crazy warm down south!

  2. Sushi obsession resumed with a vengeance, I like it! I was thinking of you and Baby SSG today as we tipped over the 40 degree mark here in sunny Queensland. Glad to hear you're both doing well. xo

  3. You are awesome, I totally didn't leave the house for like 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!

  4. Just catching up on your posts. They made me smile. Lots. It sounds like you are getting things under control. Or as much under control as they can be with e newborn.

    Hope it all keeps going ok.


  5. Hi SSG, I am so impressed you are out and about with Baby SSG soon! You are doing so well. I found going out with new baby Boy 1 a real challenge, actually I still do!! xx

  6. I agree! Took me 6, yes 6, weeks to leave the house with the baby. I was in a total flap trying to get both myself and the baby to the obstetrician for the 6 weeks after the birth visit. It was practically impossible but I did it!

  7. OHMYGOD I NEEED THAT MOCCONA. It is by FAR the best instant coffee and I love a cup in the mornings. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Lisa @ Blithe MomentsJanuary 10, 2013 at 1:00 PM

    Well done getting out and about so soon! And yes, this heat is crazy. Today is our last day of just hot weather before extreme returns. My plan is to hid in a cinema on Saturday when it is 37 again.


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