Jan 27, 2013

Winter Lite.

I woke up with the rain this morning and it has stayed all day.  

I like rainy summer days better than wet winter days.  In winter, it's bad enough battling with the cold let alone the rain on top of it.  The rain in summer is usually a welcome respite from the heat and humidity of the preceding days.  It clears the air and seems to slow down the pace of life just a tad.  There's no rush to get out and to things that depend on either beating the sun and the heat or working with them.

Given that it's the weekend and a long weekend at that, the rain has been an excuse to potter around the house doing wintery kinds of things safe in the knowledge that the sun and clear skies will be back very soon.  A kind of winter lite.

Copious amounts of tea and pastry have been consumed.

Token attempts at getting organised have been made.  I've done an inventory of the number of cans of Klorane Dry Shampoo that I have as back up and am relieved to know that the number is four.  I don't think I'm up to putting my winter knits away.  Winter's only a season and a bit away after all...

Wondersuit - Bonds, manicure - yours truly.

The weather has also been conducive to napping.  Some members of the household have put in gold medal performances in the sleep stakes these last few days.  Hours on end during the day and night, people.  Hours.  I hardly know what to do with myself now that I've partially corrected my sleep deficit.

I think I might just take myself back to the sofa, stretch out and have a bit of a read with some telly on in the background.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay safe, Queensland and northern New South Wales.


  1. Very glad to hear it! Much easier to deal with the caterwauls when you've had a few hours of consecutive, blissful sleep. I loved Klorane when my hair was still long, but then I haven't seen my natural brunette for years, as you know. I read about a brunette version of a dry shampoo (avoids the powdery look), but forgot to write it down and I've never found it again since :-( Suz

  2. Excellent work Baby SSG! Life is rosier with some sleep. We are still battening down the hatches up here. A bit scary!

  3. Yes it is still raining here too :(
    But what a gorgeous image of bubs cute little hand :)

  4. Oh that gorgeous little hand.

    I have a little present for Baby SSG (from NY). Would you email me your postal adrress again? I have lost it!


  5. And I can spell address. I just can't type!

  6. Sleep is good.. sleep.. I now feel like i need a nap.


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