Jan 21, 2013

Woolwich Pier Hotel, Hunters Hill.

Boy was this Chicken Caesar Salad a sight for sore eyes over the weekend.

Chicken Caesar Salad - $20.
Will you look at all the previously forbidden foods I managed to squeeze onto the one plate?  A soft boiled egg, room temperature grilled chicken, raw lettuce leaves, pancetta and an eggy salad dressing... It was right up there with the first time I ate sushi a few weeks back, let me tell you.  I had a smile on my face between each delicious fork full.

Mr SSG and I were at the Woolwich Pier Hotel for lunch on Sunday.  We were taking advantage of the baby's decision to have a very long nap after his baptism.  This was the first time we'd been to lunch at the hotel, our usual routine has been to go for dinner on steak night Tuesdays.  Way back in those childless carefree days of our youth when we thought nothing of sitting around in the hotel's outdoor patio area as we ate our meals at leisure....

The hotel is a casually comfortable place to stop in for a well priced bite to eat.  It's a local institution loved by everyone from families with little ones, couples out for a date, older ladies who partake of coffee and scones and anyone else in the area in need of a good feed.  The menu has something for everyone and there are specials for most days of the week as well.

Food is ordered and paid for at the till and you are given a buzzer which will alert you when your order is ready.  You then go to the open area at the front of the kitchen and load up a tray with your table's meals.  There's a cutlery and sauce counter from which you can outfit your table in preparation for some seriously good eating.

Grass Fed Beef Burgers - $20.
The burger and fries was a popular choice with our table.  The fries were crisp and addictive and the brioche style burger buns were generously filled with a juicy beef patty and cheese.  A satisfied silence descended on the table as the burgers were devoured.

Beer Battered Dory Fillets with mushy peas and chips - $24.
Mr SSG ordered the fish and chips.  The batter was crisp and light and the fish fresh.

Sundays are always busy and the bar was soon buzzing as meals were finished and the dedicated settled in for a bit of a Sunday sesh with the charms of flat screen televisions playing the day's sporting events for company.  The indoor area where we ate is smoke free whilst the outdoor area looked like it was all good for smokers.

Despite the noise level, Baby SSG slept soundly!  It was also the first time he'd not cried during a pram ride.  He had no need for an outfit change or that bottle I'd packed just in case.  I think we've found a spot for Sunday lunch that the whole family seems to like.

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  1. We go for Tuesday steak nights too!! I love it. I'm a huge fan of how much salad they give you with the steak too...

  2. Hi SSG. Just wondering where u had L baptized as I'm non practicing Catholic and I know some churches want parents I be regulars edited they're willing to baptize the baby. thanks,

    1. Hi Amy
      Baby SSG was baptised at St Peter Chanel .

      SSG xxx


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