Feb 26, 2013

At Last. I've Made A Quinoa Based Salad. Banana Peeling Magic.

Oscars fashion this year appeared to be all about the drape.  Beautiful, long gowns with fishtail skirts, trains and interesting details at the bodice.

I thought Charlize Theron looked fabulous.  The short hair really suits her.  

I don't mean any disrespect to Charlize and her outfit but I couldn't help but be reminded of her look when I gazed at these salt and pepper shakers at the cafe where I was having a coffee this morning.  Yes, it was a good morning at SSG Manor.  Everyone awoke relatively well rested, bathed and dressed and out the door by 9am.

But back to the salt and pepper shakers.  Their comforting weight in your hand, the way a flick of the wrist allows them to impart great flavour onto your food.

A case in point is this chicken, random vegetable and quinoa salad I magicked up from things in the fridge the other day.  The dressing was simply vinegar, olive oil, garlic and a few grinds each of salt and pepper.  You have no idea how much I feel that my body is now a temple by virtue of the fact that I've finally made a salad based on quinoa.  I am sure Charlize would approve.

I probably should flesh out this post with a food fact or two, shouldn't I?  Did you know that if you peel manky bananas from the bottom up, you end up with a banana without any of the peel fibres stuck to it?  Makes life much easier when you've got to peel quite a few for banana bread.

In other exciting food news, I stopped myself from putting hot cross buns in my shopping basket and got these Weis coconut rough dessert bars instead.  Intagram tells me this was a good decision.  I'm planning to confirm this after my gym session this evening.  I'm attacking the weight machines for the first time on my own, people.  Be very afraid for the youngsters in the immediate vicinity because I can see myself deafening them as I clank the weights down way too hard.....

I don't know if this happens where you live but the streets of my neighbourhood have a very different feel on a weekday mid morning than they do on the weekend.  I'm so used to the Saturday morning crowd of people getting brunch and running around doing errands.

However, during the week, the crowd is somewhat more sedate.  The footpaths are the domain of older residents and their walking aids as they slowly make their way to the cafes or to the cars of relatives who have come to pick them up for appointments.  The dress standard is also kicked up several notches as neatly pressed white linen skirts walk past me at the shops whilst collared shirts and broad brimmed hats sit under the awnings at the local cafe.  The noise level is discrete, never rising above a gentle guffaw of laughter.  I finally realise that what's missing from the soundscape are mobile phone conversations and the purring of 4 wheel drives in a great hurry to be somewhere five minutes ago.

I like how there's a time of the day and week that's just right for everyone who lives in our neighbourhood to enjoy the shady, tree lined footpaths.


  1. I didn't know that about peeling from the bottom up... I always open the top slightly and then squeeze the bottom so they 'pop' out. It is disgusting. I'll try it your way.

  2. I didn't know that about bananas, going to try for myself. By the way your street looks beautiful xT

  3. Charlize under-accessorised. But she could wear a potato sack and look the business. My oscars pick was Jessica Chastain.
    Love the look of that Quinoa salad. I am trying to abstain from wheat, as it makes me ill (plus I have been diagnosed with fructose malabsorption)
    Your suburb looks luffly.

  4. omg miss mat leave so much now im back at wrk.
    what does Liam do when you're gymming? lamenting the
    fact I didnt get fitter on leave as now fatter & even
    less timeto fit in exercise :((


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