Feb 20, 2013

Congee In A Cup. Cards.

It's been a while since I've written about a food that sounds so wrong it has to be right.

May I present rice congee in a cup.  Another one of those crazy food finds of mine from Costco.  The congee comes in a box of six containing two each of chicken and mushroom, seafood and vegetable flavours.  The retail price was under $8 if I remember correctly.  Each cup is around 800kj a serve.

The first one I tried was the vegetable flavour.

To make up a cup, all you have to do is empty the foil sachet of dry congee into the polystyrene cup and add 300ml of boiling water.

Then, leave covered for three minutes.

I was pleasantly surprised at how things looked when they were reconstituted.  There were a whole lot of corn kernels and other vegetable pieces.  The taste was mild, I actually added some soya sauce and white pepper to mine.  The consistency of the congee itself was fine.  I think these will come in handy in the cooler months as an alternative to cup a soups.

Birth announcment from tiny prints.  The weird deidentifying smudges are my work....
In one of those better late than never moments, I finally got around to getting baby birth announcements printed.  The beautiful images are courtesy of Karen Coulstock who was absolutely brilliant in coaxing newborn Baby SSG into position.  She has the patience of a saint and I'm so happy with the set of images she created for us.

I ordered the cards from tiny prints.  I've admired the tiny prints cards I've received from friends for quite some time now and finally got my chance to have some of my own made up.  The web site is so easy to navigate and there is a wide range of card style to choose from.  When you order your cards, there is a free service where a representative of the company reviews what you've created and fine tunes any minor issues for free.  Customer service is lovely, with lots of friendly email communication.  The company is based in the US and it only took a week for my cards and address labels to arrive in Australia.  I'm definitely going to use tiny prints again in the future.

Aside from that deviation into the evil world of processed food via that congee, I'm embracing as much healthy living as I can.  I'm saying yes to carrots and the daily gym plan is going well.

The gym isn't just about the fitness, it's a bit of an outing for me as well.  I get to wear things that don't have to be breast feeding friendly and I leave the house with a relatively lighter load than the baby bag that is full of things to cover all the potential dramas that may unfold when you hit the road with a baby.    

There's all the familiar benefits of a workout when my time is up at the gym but these days, the added bonus is coming home the little man and his need for a cuddle when he wakes up from his nap.  Baby SSG has gotten to a size now where I'm not so afraid that I'll lose grip of him when I hold him koala style on my chest.  We're currently experimenting with the Manduca baby carrier which has so far given me a half hour here and there to do my own thing at the computer, under Baby SSG's supervision, of course.


  1. I'm joining the gym this week.... I keep forgetting that I've got a wedding at the end of the year... ARGH!!!

    Do you go in the evening when Mr gets home? That's my plan, albeit they do have child minding facilities there if I want to do a class during the week.


  2. Yep, evenings work best for us.

    So exciting re wedding!

    SSG xxx

  3. Became a gym addict after birth of my 3rd child and used to take him to the associated child minding....made so many fab friends there who had children the same age and who shared my fitness obsession. It's all good! Rx

  4. I loved your little review of congee in a cup! I've never seen them before. I'm so curious now as I do love congee but can never be bothered making a big pot just for myself.

  5. Aww your birth announcements are beautiful :)

  6. OMGAWD HOW DID i miss the congee cups! :)
    Loveeeeee your costco finds.

  7. Julie@idreaminchocolateFebruary 21, 2013 at 3:47 PM

    Haven't seen those in Costco before but I seen other versions in asian groceries store. ALways wondered about them. Have you tried the canned congee? They are actually not bad

  8. Oh congratulations on bub!! Just gorgeous, love the birth announcement cards. Congee in a cup sounds interesting...

  9. Thank you so much for the glimpse of your cute little guy:).


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