Feb 23, 2013

Farewell, Fitness Groundhog Days. Colour That Faded To Grey.

Well, I did it.

I managed to not get swept away in the torrential downpours this morning and made it to the gym to survive my first personal training session.

Today's workout has left me inspired and excited about exercise in a way that I haven't felt in quite a while.  If truth be told, pregnancy not withstanding, I've been having fitness groundhog days for quite a while.  Running the same run, swimming the same laps, walking the same walk day in and day out.  Though the activity always leaves my mind clearer, there hasn't been any challenge in what I was doing.
Kettle weights!  The weight shown is for illustrative purposes only.  I'm only on the lightest possible size right now but am enjoying using them already.
I was pleasantly surprised at how painless my fitness assessment was.  My trainer went through the goals I put forward and explained what was realistic and what was not.  She was keen to take away the focus from weight loss and to focus instead on body measurements and improvements in reps and weights I was capable of using on the various machines.   She didn't say anything about banning sugar or carbs and was realistic about how much I could really change my diet given my feeding schedule with the baby.  I'm really glad about this because I don't do well with severe dietary restrictions.  If I'm 'allowed' to eat something, I tend not to go overboard with it.  Forbidden fruit and all....

I managed to mostly hold my own at most machines.  I'm looking forward to seeing how I go with the programmes my trainer is writing up for me for the coming week.  We're aiming for an efficient 45 minute workout so it's all going to be short, sharp and hopefully will deliver long term, sustainable results.

I left the gym so inspired that when I stopped off for coffee on the way home, I managed to say no to the slices on offer.

Sydney has been having one of those weeks where all the colour of daily life has now faded into a soggy grey, just in time for the weekend.  I'm glad I managed to live at least some of this week bathed in colour.

I finally managed to bust out those printed jeans from Sussan and Baby SSG wore a summery pants suit from the very kind D who posted it to him all the way from the UK.

I reconnected with my local swimming pool.  Laps are so soothing.  I gave the play equipment a miss but it was pretty to look at.

I made an attempt to multi task one evening by trying to put on my face cream whilst keeping one hand on the baby.  I'll be straight with you, it was an epic fail.


Perhaps I need to streamline the number of things I need to put on my one face but somehow it doesn't quite feel right putting on cream with just the one hand.  It's a bit like washing your hair with one hand or even with one finger in a bandaid.  I shall put the Ponds Institute onto this and see if they can explain it.

Not the actual time right now but I will say that draining an entire hot cup of tea by 6.20 am is a little luxury that is worth its weight in gold.
I seem to have found myself an oasis of time right now so I'll carry on.  Who knows when I'll be back with time to blog....

M, a wise twitter friend recently put me onto the idea of baby slings.  She swears by her Sleepy Wrap sling with her gorgeous baby, A.  Always one to be a joiner when it comes to the pursuit of a sleeping baby, I jumped on the Sleepy Wrap bandwagon this week and got one off ebay for under $50.  What I like about the wrap is that it's easy to take your baby out of the wrap, the more structured slings are quite complicated and also quite stiff and firm.  The wrap can be worn like a bohemian top in between baby needing it which makes one less thing to freak out about as you try and think about your daily business outside from your baby's wellbeing.

In hindsight, I should have worn the wrap rather than taken the pram to mother and baby yoga on Friday.  Not only would wearing the wrap have made me look the part of a yogic yummy mummy but the path to the studio was actually quite complicated.

There was lots of scenery along the way.

But the closest parking was several hundred metres away, up a single laned road.

And just when I thought that this flustered, pram toting dog would have her day - I realised that I had to enter the studio from the back entrance which was up a lane way and up a flight of stairs.....  The class was great fun and the obstacles to getting to class soon forgotten, but I think that I'll be leaving the pram behind next week and carrying Baby SSG instead.

These days, my posts can't go by without either a photo of coffee or being powered by a cup so here we go.  This was taken after yoga.  As you can see, I was the fallen mother who went down the road for a skinny cap while everyone else stayed on for a mug of herbal tea.

And that is well and truly all I  have to say today.  I hope you have a lovely weekend and I'll see you again when I see you!


  1. Glad your exercise is going well, so nice to read little updates from you when you can and know that all is well with you and baby SSG :)

  2. Lisa @ Blithe MomentsFebruary 24, 2013 at 2:42 PM

    It has been rather dreary and grey here in Canberra too, but this rain is so needed down here. Exciting about your new gym routine, there is something really invigorating about trying new things. And the coffee sounds a better option than the herbal tea to me.

  3. It is such a good thing that you enjoy the exercises! I do them now since 8 years - well, repetition, yes, but lovely - and it does me so much good. And it will be good for your back too - I remember carrying our baby that way for a while.
    A very reasonable way to look at eating - "a calorie is not a calorie is not a calorie" is my mantra: some do you a lot of good, others are just cardboard-calories. And to tell oneself that one is 'forbidden' something doesn't work with me - a little portion is a much saner way.

  4. The dreary weather is contageous- it started raining here this afternoon- whilst we were feeding kangaroos at Lone Pine sanctuary- about 750 metres from the dry shelter of our car. I've seen those baby slings around- though didn't know what they were called. I used the ergo for my boys which I liked, although my youngest is 16 months so we've passed our baby carrying days. But I always found slings the best for getting my babies to sleep. Good on you for mixing up your exercise routine. I joined a gym at the beginning of the year. Maybe I should go back some time!

  5. Thanks for the tip re slings and sleep, HIH.

    SSG xxx

  6. Hi Brigitta!

    I remember your fitness posts!

    SSG xxx

  7. Hi Lisa

    Thanks for being on the same page re coffee.

    SSG xxx

  8. Thank you for the lovely comment, Mica!

    SSG xxx


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