Feb 18, 2013

New Perfume, New Body, New Parents.

You've got to love a Monday that starts with a new bottle of perfume!  Chloe is one of my favourites.  The bottle is so chic as well.  It has single handedly lifted the glam factor of my dressing table by a factor of ten million.  A quick spritz of perfume is about the extent of my beauty regime these days so I might as well be doing it in style.

In other news, the looooonnnngggg road to post pregnancy recovery has begun in earnest.  I finally joined the 24 hour gym down the road from home.  I start with my personal trainer this coming weekend so in the meantime, I've been left to my own devices with the machines.

I took so many things for granted about my body and my level of fitness before I was pregnant.  My body looked the same each day, my clothes all fit the way they were supposed to and I had all that time outside of working hours to get in some exercise at the drop of a hat.  I wasn't delusional about my physique but I was happy with what I had as a function of how much effort I put into sensible eating and exercise.

I'm trying not to be precious now and whinge about things, having had a dream run in terms of the pregnancy and how I've recovered since giving birth.  May I just say that pregnancy has taught me a lot about body image.  Watching how my body changed during the pregnancy made me more accepting of the non pregnant me,  I also have a sense of achievement and wonder at how my body managed to do all that it did to create our little one.  But the fact is that my body has changed and a lot of hard work is in order over the coming months.  I accept this and am going to look at what I now need to do as a series of challenges with small goals along the way to keep my spirits up.  The focus will hopefully be on how I feel and what my body can do rather than how quickly the kilos drop on the scales.

I was never a gym junkie in my former life.  Gyms were places I went to when I stayed in hotels.  But I am starting to see the benefits of having fitness indices displayed in front of you with each work out.  I'm also liking the variety of exercises having access to all the machines at the gym now affords me.  I was in a bit of an exercise rut last year, doing the same things over and over, week in and week out.  With the guidance of my trainer, perhaps I may end up with a better body and level of fitness than what I had before.

It's early days yet but I'm loving how I feel after each gym session.  My small, suburban gym has a clientele of normal, everyday people and their commitment to getting fitter is my inspiration to keep finding an hour out of each day to work up a serious sweat amongst them.

Baby SSG and I went to our first new parents group meeting today.  Baby SSG did us proud by managing to be both the first baby there and the first to start crying.  I'm so glad I decided to be part of the group because the other mums and dads are a lovely bunch.  It was both a relief and a pleasure to talk to them today about how things are going and finding that we were all in the same boat of highs, lows and lots of stuff in between.  I felt like we are now going to be facing similar challenges together and because we all live so close to each other, it won't be too hard to continue meeting up after our series of 5 scheduled sessions finish next month.  I'm scheduled to provide morning tea for next week so I guess I'd better start thinking of what to bring.


  1. I think adjusting to parenthood in lots of matters takes a little while.Looking back I think all the changes are positive though - even the ones I though were negative at the time....

  2. I have battled with my body image for a while... I have long feared the changes that pregnancy might bring, in the future.
    I am trying to develop eating habits, exercise routines and a body self-worth that will weather the changes in my body over the years.

  3. Loved this post!
    I really like your insight into body appreciation - you have a great attitude.
    Did you see that your headphones and drink bottle make the shape of a man riding a bike! Maybe it's only me who sees this!!


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