Feb 3, 2013

Plasticky, Clippy Things.

Well, isn't it lucky that there's a Daiso across the way from my hairdresser?  Whilst I always leave my hairdresser guaranteed to have a good hair day, it's fair to say that when I'm left in charge of my locks, it's bad hair days more often than not.

Hence the need for what Daiso call a Roll Clip (XL).  I don't know what they're meant to be called, actually, claw grips?  Whatever the nomenclature, they're perfect for sweeping up every strand of my hair and creating some kind of order in the process.  The reason I'm so particular about the size is that I find the standard, smaller size at other stores doesn't quite to the job with my hair.  Within minutes of sweeping back my hair, half of it escapes the confines of the grip.  And unfortunately, not in that tumbled down, careless chic look that happens to other people....

At $2.80, I obviously had to buy a Flash Clip as well.  This one's a bit more tricky to use as I don't think my hair's long enough just yet but give me time and I'll get there.

But perhaps my best plasticky, clippy buy from Daiso this weekend was these clothes pegs.

Whenever I seem them, I've always reminded of the laundry poles that used to be suspended through the windows of the apartment blocks in Singapore.  I remember looking up at them as a child and wondering how the poles stayed in place and how fun it was to have to reel your clothes in as if they were on a fishing line.  I don't know if laundry poles are the official place to use these Daiso pegs but that's how I've always thought of them.  But no, I didn't buy them for my imaginary laundry pole.  I'm planning to use them to peg a muslin wrap across the front of Baby SSG's pram.

So that was the genuinely Frugal February shopping from this weekend.  On to the spending in order to save component.

We were down to our last cake of Crabtree & Evelyn soap at SSG Manor and I obviously had to do an urgent restock.  I'm a huge fan of their triple milled heritage soaps because both their fragrance and consistency last as long as there's soap to be used.  There's no loss of scent after 5 washes or finding a soggy mess of waterlogged soap in your soap dish like there is with some other brands.  As luck would have it, there was gift set available with all my favourite varieties and at a five for the price of four discount.  That was reason enough for me to but a couple of more adventurously scented soaps.

All of which entitled me to three more soaps for free.  I think we're going to be squeaky clean at SSG Manor well into the next decade.....

It's baby boys left, right and centre amongst my friends at the moment.  Perhaps they will be a football team in the making 20 years from now.   In the meantime, I have the perfect excuse to continue buying baby clothes.  This outfit is from Baby GAP and is for a gorgeous little boy whose parents love going to the snow each winter.  I've made a guestimate with the size I bought and hope that he'll fit into the knit hoody and fleece cargo pants in time for their first trip as a new family.

Take care and I hope you're easing into Sunday afternoon.  Have a great week!


  1. LOL those bamboo poles still exist. I used to have to take the clothes in when it was raining. I had to psych myself - 1, 2, 3 before i took it out and into the house. Dear god. They still exist but a little more hidden these days as they usually build an alcove.

  2. beautyholicsanonymousFebruary 4, 2013 at 2:42 PM

    Highly recommend Lady Jayne's hair grips (similar to what you bought from Daiso). They have rubber pads inside the clips that grips your hair well. I've been using massive cheapie hair grips for years and found the ones by Lady Jayne work best for thick hair (especially when you want all your hair up and not mess around with your face). I've used at least 8 over the past 4 years :P You can get them at Priceline.


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