Feb 7, 2013

Swaddling. Chanel Bonfire.

In breaking news from the hub of fashion that is SSG Manor right now..

the V neck is going to be huge in the swaddling world this season.  At least according to Dr Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block and the latest sleep and settling guru whose words I've been meditating over in the early hours of the morning.  Dr Karp favours the 'down, up, down' approach to swaddling and the secret it to keep both arms bound by the side of the body rather than up in the air.  

If you've been reading the blog for a bit, you'll probably know that the baby and I have been students of many, many schools of thought over the last few weeks - Gina Ford, Tizzy Hall, Robin Barker, Dr Google, the University of Wikipedia... but Dr Karp's approach has been the first that I've found easy to understand and consistently follow.  For us, at least, the 5 'S' strategy has helped ease a lot of the tension and frustration that was building up over bed time.  Baby SSG really does settle down a lot quicker than with the methods I was trying before.  

In case you're in a similar predicament to me, this video from YouTube I've shared above tells you a bit more about Dr Karp's work and is a good summary of his book.

Things in the fashion stakes haven't been quite as ground breaking for me, I'm afraid.

I did have to do a bit of wet weather accessorising when I was out on the town at the weekend at the hairdresser and at the shops.

I dusted off some Hermes for a bit of an arm party while I was at it.

And got reacquainted with my old friend Max Brenner too.  It was too early in the day for a glass of bubbles, which is the other beverage I've been missing keenly these days.  Perhaps this weekend will be the time to address this.

If you're looking for something non alcoholic to do this weekend, may I suggest reading 'Chanel Bonfire' by Wendy Lawless?  It's Wendy's memoir of her childhood at the hands of her rather unstable mother who had issues with mental illness and alcohol but managed to deceive most people in her glamorous circle of friends by concealing her demons under a veneer of beauty and a discerning eye for fashion.  The fact that the book is both hilarious and heart breaking in turn is a testament to the strength of the writing.

And that's all my news for now.  I hope there's something in there for everyone.  I'm veering off into mummy blogger territory at the moment but would like to keep a bit of balance in the topics I write about because I do want to avoid too much navel gazing in the blog as writing it is a bit of a break from the everyday for me.


  1. Baby SSG looks so very content and happy.
    Love that you have so much fun being a mom!
    Huge hugs

  2. Ooooh, little bublet sooo precious!
    You don't have to write to please us (as I am sure you are aware there is no pleasing everybody) HOWEVER it is very refreshing that you give other insights into your life (reading, movies, arm parties etc) - the SSG that we all know and love.
    ie Multidimensional human being!

  3. your baby is so cute.

    I liked Tizzy-Gina was too weird for me and it didn't suit me how little sleep she allows during the day. O used to sleep a lot during the day and it never stopped him sleeping a lot at night.

    I swaddled to the end!!! The baby loved it.

    Nice bangles, glad you are having funxxx

  4. Anyway, I always thought it was pin those arms down and wrap them tight? That's how I was taught and I used to pin them up so they were a little glow worm. HAHAH Awww i love wrapping them.

  5. Big fan of Dr Karp and "DUDU" wrapping around here. My mum was a midwife for 30 years and now works at a mother-baby unit (i.e. "sleep school"). She put me on to his methods. Made a lot of sense to me, especially the sensory overload stuff and the "witching hour" etc etc. I think we moved to an angel wrap when she was about 4-5 months old and was breaking free of DUDU, no matter how tight we wrapped her! I figured that any method that promoted a "strict" routine with no real allowances for different personalities/temperaments (both for parents and babies!) wasn't going to work for me, which is why I found Dr K's approach, very sensible. Good luck with the journey!!

  6. Hello my lovely! Ah yes, the swaddling days. Carter was a regular Houdini, and I praised the Lords when discovered the Woombie. So glad you are loving this special time in your life xx

  7. Hello my lovely! Ah yes, the swaddling days. Carter was a regular Houdini, and I praised the Lords when discovered the Woombie. So glad you are loving this special time in your life xx (Ignore my other comment, I accidentally replied to someone!)

  8. He is so adorable. Love a sleeping baby! I went for the 5 's' approach too and like you loved the happy contented baby book too. Much easier to understand xx

  9. Baby SSG is so cute :) he looks so peaceful.

  10. My daughter is 17 now. I wish I'd seen/read Dr Karp when she was a baby! It was also nice to see Richard and Judy again, I used to love their tv show. x


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