Mar 10, 2013

A Change IS As Good As A Holiday.

Don't you love it when a tried and tested proverb accurately describes your life?
Today was one of those days that veered away completely from the routine (if you can ever have one with a baby in your life) and plunged headlong into the unfamiliar. Cut adrift from the security blanket of SSG Manor, we had nothing but our wits, the baby bag and our wonderfully accomodating friends to guide us along.
The gods were definitely smiling down on us. None of our worst case scenarios eventuated. In short, the planets aligned to create a perfect afternoon for every one concerned.
And now we're home. Recharged and revitalised from ignoring the to do list for an afternoon.
Forthcoming week, bring it on. I'm relaxed and ready for both your best and worst.


1 comment:

  1. beautiful photos, and sounds like you had a nice restful Sunday afternoon :)


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