Mar 14, 2013

Clarity About Caffeine.


It's all about energy and clarity at SSG Manor today. Those new mother brain cobwebs are thinning out as I'm getting reacquainted with my good friend hours of uninterrupted sleep. So far today, I've hung up the laundry and wiped down the kitchen. The first time this year that I've done that much housework in the one go.

So I guess it's also time for me to face up to my caffeine issues. I've fallen off the controlled caffeine consumption bandwagon in spectacular fashion. Partly because of their stimulant activity and partly because of the enjoyable social associations of having a drink of something, caffeine is practically an essential nutrient in my diet right now.

You could set a clock by the frequency and regularity at which I bust out a cup of tea or coffee or crack open a can of Coke Zero. The caffeine that runs through my veins is probably in the shape of coffee beans and tea leaves. The interesting thing is I seem to be getting to sleep quicker these days. Though I'm not entirely sure that we can thank the alternate vitamin C for that.


The bananas that accompany my caffeine hits can stay but the time has come to cut back on the beverages with all their sugar and other additives.

I know that the dietician advice would be to simply drink only water all day but I get bored and I like variety. I already get in plenty of water between times and I'm one of those 'best of both worlds' kinds of people. If I think I'm being deprived of something, my willpower seizes up. The plan is to begin by substituting one hot drink for a cup of herbal tea each day and to gradually build this up until I'm back to my usual two cups of tea and one of coffee per day.


I'm two days into my lifestyle change and so far I'm sticking to the plan. It'll be interesting to see how I feel in a week.



  1. Oh God, 8 months on I'm still drinking far too much. I always worry about breastfeeding and how much I drink but DR says not to worry. The 2 weeks I did go off it, Addie slept worse so go figure!? I have implemented the no Caffeine after 2pm rule though, mostly for my own sleep.
    Glad you're getting some sleep! I just posted about the state of my house, really need to get stuck into housework. Bah! x

  2. You are a brave woman. Good stuff.

  3. It's hard, that's for certain, but I try to keep it to one black tea, one coffee and lots and lots of water. If I want more tea (and I do in winter) it has to be non-caffinated or herbal. I like Rooibos - it's not herbal herbal but it doesn't contain caffeine. T2 do a great Green Vanilla Rooibos! K xx

  4. I do green tea or chai lattes. But then I have never done coffee (much) so dont really understand the attraction (addiction). Hows it going mow?


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