Mar 27, 2013

Finding Sanctuary With Ayurituel At Chi Spa.

Top - marni at H&M, London 2012, rings and things - T&Co, sparkly shower screen - Windex and me.

I like to call this 'Dress Code - Me Time'. Sleeves that hit the bottom of my fingers, dry clean only fabrics, a high neckline accessorised with an art installation .... there's not a ruche or flash of wash and wear stretch cotton blend to be seen.


The only challenge with being bold with a print top is what to wear on your bottom half. I went with white skinny jeans - while the weather is still up for it. It's autumn already and before you know it winter will be here and dark bottoms will be the order of the day. And you thought tho white jeans would be the just the excuse I needed to whip up another Lizard Hurley soon to be Warne analogy.
I was dressed up all 'Me Time' for a reason. I was lucky enough to be invited to Palmolive's launch of a new range of Ayurituel body washes at the Chi Spa in the Shangri-la Hotel, Sydney.
Ayurituel is a range of three body washes that are each fragranced with scents inspired by ancient Indian Ayuverdic traditions. The aim of Ayurituel is to enable you to find that inner sanctuary under the shower with the flick of a lid and the turning on of a tap. Peace and quiet can be so hard to find in the times we live in and often the only time a girl has on her own is under the shower.
The body washes come in 400ml bottles with a distinctive gold flip top cap. They retail for a very friendly $6.79 and will be available at Coles, Woolworths and Priceline as well as other selected outlets.
The fragrances available are:
Joyous - a delicate floral scent with Indian mulberry and lotus flower extracts
Energy - an energising and invigorating blend of ginger and sandalwood
Tranquility - a relaxing woody scent containing rosemary and patchouli fragrances.
I wish I could have lay down and curled up on the massage bed for a very, very long time....
Joyous is my favourite of the three but just to make sure I'd made the right decision, Palmolive kindly arranged for me to have a spa treatment based on the Joyous body wash.
How I survived without foot massages, I''ll never know...
After a deeply soothing Joyous foot and neck massage, I'm pretty sure I made the right choice. The body washes have a luxuriously thick consistency and rich and complex, long lasting scent that is worlds away from what everything else on the supermarket shelf has to offer.
Leaving the spa with a spring in my step and a deliciously cold fruit cocktail.

I'd like to thank Palmolive and Magnum for their kind invitation to the launch as well as for supplying their product for this review.

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