Mar 4, 2013

It's Compact Not Tabloid. Takeaway Is Okay.

It's a historic day in newspaper land

Two Fairfax newspapers, Melbourne's Age and our Sydney Morning Herald are going ...... compact. That's right, we are not to even think of calling the new small format the T word with its connotations of trashy celebrity gossip and page 3 'specials'.I appreciate the convenience of the new format. Think of all the places you would now be able to read the paper without the risk of taking out your neighbour on the train or plane. The only thing is that if you like using the paper as a place mat as you have a desk lunch at work, you'd be looking at turning the pages more often. Which could mean more mess on your desk or less paper being read over your lunch break.

Short of other things to do over lunch today, I read the maiden compact edition with my lunch today. I'm phased to report that no more mess was made than usual. Because of the smaller size, it was easier to manoeuvre my lunch bowl whilst turning the pages. Which was just as well because the paper looks more graphic heavy than text rich these days so it was quicker getting through each page. I was a bit disappointed that all the custom focus group research didn't result in that weather box making the front page today. You know how I feel strongly about this.

I did pick up a bit of news that I hadn't already gleaned from the online papers and television broadcasts from earlier on in the day. The Debrett's guide to etiquette has been updated recently. In an article syndicated from The Telegraph, it is now perfectly acceptable in even the most decorous homes to serve home delivery when having guests over for dinner. However, the food must be served on warmed china, one does not ask their guests to pay and it goes without saying that you shouldn't pass off the cooking as your own.

It's Monday. Packet noodles and glossy magazines are perfect partners in the kitchen.

There's no danger of anyone in SSG Manor confusing where dinner is coming from tonight. It's going to be a Costco Mi Goreng with poached chicken and bok choy Monday night. Things are going well already this week! I'm making dinner rather than microwaving it.



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  1. Last time I was at costco I could not find that brand of indomie. :( And I went with super as we have discussed I don't like it.


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