Mar 19, 2013

Politics. A Real Housewife Writes.

With just under 6 months until the federal election, I'm really feeling for the bookmakers at places like Centrebet. Potential nominees for the ALP leadership seem to be appearing every other week. One week you think you've got a complete list of names from which to calculate individual odds and the next, someone else needs to be added. It's a Gillard / Rudd / Crean race at the moment but who knows if there's a few more wild card entrants waiting in the wings. It's all very Masterchef at times only without the food and ith the nations future at stake.


Added to the mix has been the proposed new media laws relating to self regulation of the industry and the proposal to appoint a Public Interest Media Advocate to watch over things. There's desperation in the air as the government seems hell bent on getting something done during their term in office. The bills are meant to be passed this week. Having already had confrontations with the banking and mining sectors already, perhaps it will be third industry lucky with these proposed media bills? Actually, that's quite a few major business groups to have had run ins with this close to an election.


Anyway. While we all wait with baited breath on the outcomes of all of the above, there's news that Australia may be getting our own Real Housewives franchise. The worrying thing is that this may be the only issue from this blog post to gain significant traction and actually happen without much blood being spilled.


To get you ready for our own Real Housewives, may I suggest some pre reading from the pen of a Beverley Hills housewife, Brandi Glanville? Her memoir is called 'Drinking & Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders. It's pretty earthy and one of those part memoir, part lessons in life advice kind of books. With bonus hash tags as per the title.
Before her turn in RHOBH, Brandi was the happily married wife of actor Eddie Cibrian who's career is mainly in television. Brandi gave up her career as a model to be a stay at home mother (SAHM then seeing as I started the paragraph with an acronym) to the couple's two sons. Then LeAnn Rimes happened and following that, the bitter fall out that gave the US gossip magazines enough content for months.


'Drinking & Tweeting' doesn't cover any new ground in the 'picking yourself up after being publicly humiliated by your husband' stakes but it is very funny. Brandi isn't one to shy from anything in her past and she tells all on her issues with depression, plastic surgery, substance dependence as well as her take on LeAnn and Eddie. The book reads like an NW article - but without the paparazzi photos or the subtle editing of a magazine's legal team. It would be good for the Easter long weekend or sooner if you're post an ugly relationship breakdown.


I will temper that last paragraph by saying that for every paragraph that Brandi disses her ex husband and LeAnn for what they did to the perfect family life she thought she had, she also manages to balance the bitchiness with the positive things that LeAnn and Eddie have done with regard to raising Brandi and Eddie's two sons. As for making her peace with LeAnn, Brandi now refers to her as the Bonus Mom and the three appear to have reached a place where they're all able to put the boys' best interests ahead of any tensions they may have amongst each other.All this Real Housewives / Hollywood talk has me craving a bit of trash for dinner actually. Just as well we've got leftovers from Mr SSG's cheap Tuesday KFC run in the fridge. That large mash potato and gravy has my name written all over it. After I go to the gym, of course.




  1. Carbon tax?
    Yet all they can talk about is infighting....

  2. Leanne Shea LangdownMarch 22, 2013 at 10:16 AM

    Politics bores me. But my eyes widened and my ears pricked up at the sound of Brandi Glanville! Yes please. Much prefer that ...
    Which probably says a whole lot about me.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit
    PS My meeting cancelled. So I am off to catch up on all things SSG, It's been a while ...


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