Mar 26, 2013

The Early Noughties In Clothes and Shoes. The Timbers.

Do you remember the time when Jennifer Lopez was JLo? It was the early 2000s and I was extremely susceptible to the prevailing winds of celebrity fashion. Jenny From the Block was her on stage persona and man wise, they were the PDiddy years. Cargo pants in parachute silk and cut 'down to there' green Gucci dresses were the height of fashion for the likes of Ms Lopez.

source: thedresscodecdc


While the rest of us were in awe of Sienna Miller's boho style. With mixed results. I never found anything as beautiful and flattering in any of the thrift shops I visited during the height of boho. Wearing crochet over anything made me look like a sofa.




Or perhaps you had more body confidence and Jessica Simpson with her Daisy Dukes was more your thing. Full points to you if you teamed your denim cutoffs with a red bikini to wash your car before heading out for a spot of boot scooting with Willy Nelson.


But back to JLo.

If I could define the JLo years with a shoe, it would have to be these Timberland boot inspired heels by Manolo Blahnik. Do you remember them? Google tells me Beyonce wore them in her Bonnie and Clyde video as well but JLo was photographed in hers more often, I think. I was so in awe of the heels, I remember buying a high street knock off pair. There were very comfortable during the 5 step walk I made in them on the store's soft carpet. In the real world however, they pinched my feet with envy crab like step I took in them. I barely lasted an hour as a wannabe girl from the block.

In 2012, Manolo Blahnik reissued these heels but to me, their relevance is lost in the present day. The JLo days of gangsta rap, bling and home girl fashion belong back in 2003. They've had their time in both popular culture and in Ms Lopez's life.

Any talk of Timberland fashion always reminds me of the 'Timbers' of the music world - namely Justin Timberlake and Timbaland.

JT's career just keeps going from strength to strength these days. From solid performances in films like The Social Network and Friends With Benefits, to his comeback in the music world with Suit and Tie, he's made the transition from child star to adult megastar without the very public crises and breakdowns of some of his fellow Mouseketeers. He's also managed to age better than a few of them as well.


Aside from the cute alliteration of their surnames, Timberlake and Timbaland have made one pretty fine music together.


Give It To Me is right up there for me. It definitely gets me going on the treadmill after all these years.


Baby SSG's will be getting his Timberland on this winter. His sweaters and trousers from OzSale arrived this week.

Perhaps I should put more vintage JT and less Wiggles on our morning tummy time playlist to fully immerse him in the power of the Timbers.


  1. I remember those satin cargos, I'd a pair with embroidery on from Sportsgirl & thought it was the coolest thing ever, lol

  2. Those Timberland clothes are so cute, I agree you can't help but move with that track.


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