Mar 19, 2013

Crisp Autumn Mornings. Small Paul. The Polar Fleece Fold.

It's not just the latest editions of the food magazines that are saying it but the weather is as well. Autumn has arrived.



There's a crispness to the mornings these days and having something hot to drink in the morning is a necessity as well as a ritual.

Another thing that means the start of autumn to me is getting the flu vaccine. I hope you've got plans to get your vaccine or else have done so already because a bad flu season is anticipated this year. Subway sandwiches do not give you the flu but Subway was what I had for lunch today after Mr SSG and I went to get our needles. Of all the food court choices, it had to be a foot long for me. Something to do with it being forbidden fruit whilst I was pregnant and having to walk past the outlet art work twice a day for months and only being able to order an occasional soft drink from it.


Chilling out with a good book ,,,



I was hoping to post one of those mummy and me outfit shots today. I had it planned for 9.59 am, actually. We were just about to get into the car in our matching dark denim skinnies (from Sussan and Cotton On Baby respectively) and I was all set to take the photo. Then one of us had a nappy malfunction and needed a complete outfit change and here we are both in blue, just not both in denim.


Speaking of blue, Baby SSG got more stuff today. It's just one of those facts of life these days that I can't walk into either Big W or Target and then leave empty handed. More often than not it's baby stuff. I just find them both to be on the money in terms of value and style. Never fear though, I'm slowly finding my shopping for me mojo now that I can squeeze into my pre pregnancy jeans again....


The swing tags for the range feature a message from Julius!


But back to today's shopping haul. Paul Frank has released a line for the little ones at Big W. With the cute abd clever name of Small Paul, nothing is over $20 and there are items for both girls and boys. Sizes go up to toddlers from what I saw today. The bodysuit and leggings in my photo were $11.84 each. There's also a tracky top and long sleeved T in the range. I'm kicking myself for not getting the track top. Will have to go back for it, I think.


Fleece top - $7, fleece wraps - $9.96 for a 2 pack, waffle wraps - $12.96 for a 2 pack. All from Big W.


You know that I'm a value priced polar fleece fan from way back, it's my active wear for the cooler months. Well, the time has come to welcome the baby to the fleece fold. He's got his own zip top and wraps to keep him toasty. I've also done a few large online orders for him at Cotton On and OzSale so I think he's all set for a cosy winter out and about. Now to get myself sorted out.



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  1. Leanne Shea LangdownMarch 22, 2013 at 10:22 AM

    Beautiful step daughter Chelsea is about to have first bub (for her and her hubby). Will seek out some Small Paul!!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit


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