Mar 6, 2013

Words and Pictures On A Wednesday.


I'll be straight with you. Wordless Wednesdays are beyond me. But I'm going to try and participate in my own way. With multiple words and pictures.

Easter is at least partly about chocolate. Max Brenner are embracing colour and chocolate together this year. I really like the vibrant Easter images against the black background on these eggs.


I'm holding out on buying the eggs and hot cross buns for a while longer. It's raw almonds and sultanas for afternoon tea in the meantime. Plain old non activated almonds are good enough for me.

At the gym, the assisted chin up and shoulder dip machine is my favourite thing. It was too big to photograph properly (and too many people were clamouring to use it) so this was the best I could do with regard to a photograph. It's such a fun machine to use. And the reps are relatively painless to complete.

Weekday spa treatments should be mandatory.
I went into part time beauty blogger mode this week. I was invite to a product launch at a day spa. Both the product and the spa were lovely and the post will be up at the end of the month to coincide with the product"s national release. It's a bargain beauty buy and that's all I can tell you for now.
In exciting grocery news, I'm the new owner of this package of Blu Tak. I'd forgotten just how handy it is. I've also learned a little trick for removing it fom walls. Frozen Blu Tak is the trick according to Shannon Lush. The things you learn from the Lifestyle Channel!


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  1. The spa days sounds lovely, I know I could do with one of them, haha!


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